Yummy Garlic Chicken and Our Date Night Out with Net10 Wireless! #levantateun10

Hey All!

Since I’m always so insanely busy with work, the blog, or school I often feel guilty that I neglect my family and non hubby from time to time. I know I’m terrible for doing so but there is only so much I can do in a day. I want to bring you all the best coverage and this site is a passion of mine, so it’s hard for me to turn down the great opportunities it allows me to experience. But…

At the same time I don’t want my family and loved ones to pay the price for my business life. I decided to take my fiancée out for a date night to one of our favorite restaurants called Anajack Thai. It was my little way of saying sorry for not having a date night in a very long time!

We love this place since they make the best Thai food in Los Angeles! At least we think they do! We used my Net10 LG phone to get the phone number of the restaurant and make a reservation.

While there we enjoyed everything from some fabulous pinot grigio and cabernet wine…

To pot stickers to…

These amazing pastry cups filled with chicken and veggies called kratong tong. I just say I want the cuppy things to them and they know what I mean. They know me since we go there so often and they automatically get them for us.

For the actual dinner we had garlic chicken and paradise chicken with white rice.

I love to take pictures of my food since I’m obsessed with instagram. I used my Net10 LG phone to instagram my pics as well as tweet them out and facebook them as we ate.

I tried not to do too much on my phone since this is after all our date night and not a date night with my phone!

But I will say we couldn’t have had our date night with out this Net10 LG phone as it was a key part in capturing our date night and helping us get our reservation and getting us to our dinner on time! We also looked up directions to the restaurant as we moved and needed to get the route there. It was a MUST HAVE for our date night!

In case you’ve never heard of Net10…

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Net10 Wireless phones and their airtime cards are available in over 90,000 stores such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Walgreens, Radio Shack, among others. You get coverage on the best networks such as Verizon, AT&T and Sprint and pay up to half the cost of plans with contracts. You also get Unlimited calls, text, and Internet to Mexico and other countries including cell phones.

What more could you ask for in a cell service right? It’s great for teens especially or even as a first cell phone for your kids! So if you’re looking for a great no contract phone service check out Net10 Wireless.

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We had a great date night out with our Net10 LG Phone!


Disclosure: This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Net10 Wireless. However, all opinions expressed are my own.