Yummy & Healthy Shamrock Smoothie!

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Yummy Healthy Shamrock Shake:Smoothie Recipe

Hey All!

Since I’ve suffered from belly issues throughout the years, I’ve always been forced to limit the amount of milk shakes and smoothies I drink. With Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner, I decided I wasn’t going to limit myself and I was going to have a Shamrock Shake I so long for! Thankfully I have a2 Milk® to help me make it and can’t get enough of it. It’s made for those like myself who have tummy issues. I found it at our local grocery store not too long ago and I haven’t drank any other milk since.

With this milk, I can enjoy milk without any symptoms. It’s a god send. What I love about a2 Milk® is, it’s a natural replacement to chemically processed alternatives. Originally, all milk contained only the A2 protein. Over time a genetic mutation occurred in cows and a new type of protein developed called A1. This A1 protein causes digestive discomfort and is in all cows’ milk in-stores today. It’s even in organic milk! Shocking I know! I can drink this milk on its own or I can turn it into a Yummy & Healthy Shamrock Smoothie for Saint Patrick’s Day! I actually call it my Healthy Shamrock Shack too, so I put it in a milk shake glass so it feels more like one.

A2 Milk bottle

To make this Yummy & Healthy Shamrock Smoothie you’ll need:

Healthy Shamrock Shake Ingredients


  • 2 Cups of a2 Milk®.
  • Half a Cup of Spinach Leaves.
  • Half a Cup of Kale Leaves.
  • 1 Whole Peeled and Pitted Avocado.
  • 3/4 of A Cup or 3-4 stems of Mint Leaves.
  • Half a Cup of Dairy-Free Chocolate.
  • Half a Cup or Two Frozen Bananas.
  • Blender.
  • Milk Shake Glasses.
  • Green Food Coloring (Optional if you want your smoothie really green).
  • Sprinkles for garnish.


First you add your 2 cups of a2 Milk®, whole peeled and pitted avocado, half a cup or two frozen bananas, half a cup of spinach leaves, half a cup of kale leaves, 3/4 of A Cup or 3-4 stems of mint leaf into a blender and blend on high. You then melt your half a cup of dairy-free chocolate in the microwave for about a minute and a half. You then add it to the blender almost the entire half a cute to the mixture. You want to leave some of the chocolate so you can dip your glasses into it and then dip them into the sprinkles for the garnish.  

Healthy Shamrock Shake:Smoothie Recipe Step 1

You blend all the ingredients until the mixture is nice and smooth. You then dunk the rims of your glasses into the melted chocolate and then dunk into sprinkles. Sure this is not super healthy, but it’s a fun garnish and you don’t have to eat it or do it. I just love to make everything I eat look cute. I also added some fondant shamrocks to act as a little extra festive garnish for my Yummy & Healthy Shamrock Smoothie aka Shake.

Healthy Shamrock Shake:Smoothie Recipe Step 2

Yes, I know it’s not technically a milk shake since it doesn’t have ice cream in it, But I like to pretend and it is healthier.

Healthy Shamrock Shake:Smoothie Recipe Step 3

Serve it with a pot of gold and some gold coins for those little Leprechauns that may be searching for a shamrock shake on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Healthy Shamrock Shake:Smoothie Recipe A2 Milk

It’s a tasty and healthy drink to make to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.

Healthy Shamrock Shake:Smoothie Recipe

I hope you enjoy this Yummy & Healthy Shamrock Smoothie aka Shake and a2 Milk® as much as I do!

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Stay tuned for more fun and healthy recipes featuring a2 Milk®!  

Have a Happy Saint Paddy’s Day everyone!

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