Yummy Ruby Rocket’s Fruit & Veggie Frozen Pops!

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Hey All!

I’m always on the hunt for snacks for the family that have nutritional value and taste great for the warm summer days ahead. In a world full of king-sized ‘this,’ or chocolate-covered ‘that,’ there’s definite room for improvement in the snacks we eat. When it’s hot out we tend to eat a lot of frozen pops and frozen drinks. Thankfully I recently discovered Ruby Rocket’s frozen pops to take the place of what we’d normally eat this time of year. I was lucky to be given a number of samples of each of their flavors to enjoy and we truly enjoyed every bite of each frozen pop. If you’ve never heard of Ruby Rocket’s you’re missing out on some amazing frozen treats.

They  provide a nutritional solution to those sugary treats through their line of delicious, all-natural ice pops. Their pops are unique as they contain both fruits and vegetables. Ruby Rocket’s ice pops are the perfect frozen treat for those who may need a healthful boost to their snacking routine.


They are a healthy and low-sugar fruit and veggie ice pop the whole family will enjoy. They contain only real food that a 6-year-old can pronounce. Ruby Rocket’s is committed to serving snacks that are fun, tasty and full of “good-for-you” vitamins and nutrients.

This month they launched five new flavors:

Celestial Cherry. Blend of organic cherry, apple, tomato, beet, pomegranate and the Chinese strawberry, yumberry.

Far-Out Fudge. Blend of organic date, sweet potato, Dutch cocoa, banana, beet and acai.

Planetary Pink Lemonade. Blend of organic butternut squash, strawberry, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, purple sweet potato, dried goji berry.

Meteorite Mango. Blend of organic butternut squash, pineapple, passion fruit, sweet potato and mango.

Gravity Grape. An all-natural blend of organic grape, white grape, purple sweet potato, sweet potato, blueberry and acai.

We got to try all of the above plus the Galaxy Green, Orbit Orange, and the Rocket Red flavors.


I have to say our favorites were the Meteorite Mango, Planetary Pink Lemonade, and the Orbit Orange. Anything with Orange in it is always a hit in my home. There were so many amazing flavors that it was very hard to choose favorites. I loved all the variety of vibrant natural colors of the pops. You could taste the real fruit and veggies in the pops. I couldn’t help but line up the pops on my counter as they made a very tasty color rainbow when you line them up. The natural colors descend perfectly. Healthy snacking doesn’t have to be serious; Ruby Rocket’s makes eating fruits and veggies cool.


All Ruby Rocket’s frozen pops are no more than 40 calories and are made without any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Ruby Rocket’s snacks contain on naturally-occurring sugars derived from fruits and veggies. These frozen pops have the lowest amount of naturally occurring sugar (4-6 g) of any pop on the market. That’s perfect for me since I’m on a diet and trying to cut back on the amount of sugar I eat. I’m thankful to have found these in time for Summer since this is the time of year where I take in a lot of sugar drinking those frozen drinks and munching on those frozen pops in an attempt to stay cool. It’s nice to know there is a great healthy snack we can all enjoy and keep cool with and not have to worry about taking in too much sugar.


Ruby Rocket’s cost about $4.99 for a box of six, one Ruby Rocket’s pop costs less than $0.85, or the price of a piece of fruit.


I can munch on these all day! But everything in moderation right folks? If you’re looking for a delicious summer frozen pop for you or your family I highly recommend you check out Ruby Rocket’s frozen pops!

For more information check out the Ruby Rocket’s Website rubyrockets.com.

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