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Hey All!

Have you heard of Zurker? I just discovered this amazing social networking site and I'm so happy I did. It's pretty awesome! It's a social networking site with a big difference from the rest. Zurker is unlike other social networks, which are funded by venture capital, Zurker is actually co-owned by many of its members. This different social network is all about it's members and not about the money. As such there is no data mining at Zurker, no user exploitation, your privacy is respected, and all members have a say about new features and functions.

I think it's amazing that they let members have a say in any changes to the site. I always hate when a social media site I'm a member of changes things for the worse. They always say they will make things better by changing a feature and it never does. They often never ask for the members opinions and just do what ever they want. I also hate that some social media sites try to take ownership of your person pictures and sell them to advertisers. They just make the changes when ever they feel like it and do what ever they want to their members.

It's not right and it's time for a change. Zurker is that change and it's unlike any other social media site I've ever tried. It's super easy to use and it's truly about building a network. It's honestly social media for the people and by the people.

Here are Some facts about Zurker:

It was released on December 1, 2011 (Two Days Before my Birthday which makes it more special)
Entered Private Beta on January 22, 2012
Number of accounts opened: 422,252

Zurker is currently in private beta, so you have to be invited to join. Here is a link to Zurker where you can find a special invitation to join:


I hope you check out Zurker and enjoy it just as much as I do!

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