Free Printable Bernie Mittens Valentine’s Day Cards!

How fun are these free printable Bernie Sanders in Mittens Valentine’s Day Cards? Too fun! Check out how to make this fun gift idea!

Hey All!

It feels like forever since I’ve posted something for Valentine’s Day, but with the Bernie Sanders Mittens meme going wild online, I immediately became obsessed with it just like everyone else. I thought that it would make a fun and super cute Valentine’s Day card, so I quickly put something together to download and print to give or send to my family and friends. I figured I would share it with you in case you are looking for any last minute Valentines.

And instead of pairing the cards with some boring old chocolates, I paired them with some Bernie Sanders in Mittens Gingerbread Cookies!

How fun is that! You can easily make these with any gingerbread cookie recipe and some melting chocolate or icing. Put them in a heart shaped box and hand them to your significant other!

You can Download the cards HERE and print out on some white card stock.

You just have to print them out and cut them out with scissors or a paper cutter. I also used a scoring tool to make the perfect crease down the center of the card.

You can get any small envelope to put them inside. I just happened to have these fun holographic envelopes in my craft supplies.

I got my envelopes a long time ago from The Social Type! They have curbside pick up if you’re here in Los Angeles or you can have them shipped. You can decorate the envelops and inside of the cards with fun stickers and write out loving messages inside. You can also just give them with out an envelope!

You can even buy some cookies with Bernie on them to pair with the cards. That’s what I did! I got these gingy’s from Big Sugar Bake Shop here in Los Angeles. They are on Postmates and deliver right to your door!

I’m just lazy right now and didn’t feel like baking anything myself. So you can definitely find some Bernie Cookies right now to pair the cards with if you don’t feel like baking.

If you have the time to bake, making these fun cookies or even cookies of just the mittens would be perfect to pair the cards with.

Making cookies is much easier than trying to make chocolates in my opinion.

It’s also much more thoughtful and cost effective to make something at home as opposed to just buying some boring old box of chocolates to go with them.

Whatever you decide to pair these cards with, I’m sure who ever gets them will get a much needed chuckle and smile they need for Valentine’s Day. Especially during these crazy times!

I love how they came out and I love Bernie with mittens on or off!

I hope you enjoy these fun free printable Valentine’s Day cards as much as I do! I know I have a few friends to send these out to who love Bernie!

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