Free Printable Last Minute Valentine’s Day Baby Yoda Shaker Cards!

Looking for a last minute free printable Valentine’s Day Card idea? Check out these Free Printable Valentine’s Day Baby Yoda Shaker Cards!

Hey All!

Since we’re staying safer at home, I decided to make some Free Printable Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day Shaker cards. If you don’t know what a shaker card is, it’s a card that’s almost like a little snow globe type card. They have a little dome in them that has something inside you can shake.

In this case, they have Valentine’s Day candy and sprinkles in them!

Here is how to make them:

Heart Shaker Tags.
Valentine’s Day Sprinkles.
Download This Free Printable Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day.

You simply Download This Free Printable Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day and print it out. You cut them out and fold them in half.

You take these heart shaped shaker tags and fill them with candy and sprinkles.

You stick the card to the back of the candy filled shaker tag and that’s it!

You’ve got yourself a cute little shaker card.

You can hear and see the candy shake inside the heart when you move it.

You can pair it with some cute green or pink envelopes and add your special message inside the card.

You can also snag one of these Mandalorian themed candy filled hearts at Target to go with your cards.

They are so perfect and I know my hubby is going to love them!

If you don’t want to make shaker cards, I also included versions of this card in the printable that you can just print out and give with out turning it into a shaker card.

It’s such a fun and easy way to gift a little Valentine and some candy for Valentine’s Day!

I hope you love these as much as I do!

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