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    Brite & Bubbly loves to create and collaborate on campaigns with brands and businesses who are seeking unique, super creative, fun and engaging content. We love to create fresh and colorful content to bring our readers and followers closer to your brand.

    We offer a variety of sponsorship and advertising options which you can find by CLICKING ON EACH OF THE PINK BUTTON TABS BELOW.

    If you are interested in obtaining further information about our advertising offerings please direct all inquiries to: hello(at)BriteandBubbly(dot)com for more information!



    If you have a company, small business, site, event, or brand that you’d love help getting the word out about, we would love to help with a sponsored campaign post on our site or a sponsored campaign on our social media channels. Rates for campaigns vary depending on the work involved/requested & the products/supplies provided. Please reach out to hello(at)BriteandBubbly(dot)com for more details on sponsored posts. We generally need at least 2 weeks notice to complete and work in any sponsored content into our editorial calendar.


    We do not accept any unsolicited products for reviews, but if you have a product or small business you’d like to share with us, we’d be happy to hear from you. We are huge supporters of small businesses (because we are one too) and we’re always happy to discover new shops, brands, and products. If you reach out and your product is something that’s aligned with the Brite & Bubbly brand, we would love to check it out. However, we are unable to guarantee promotion in return. If we decide to feature it, we will let you know. We only guarantee a product/business/brand being featured if they are part of a sponsored campaign. We get numerous requests for product reviews and unfortunately we can not respond to every request. PLEASE NOTE this is a very ACTIVE and BUSY site and non-sponsored Product Reviews (if we request a product) can take up to 3 weeks to complete at this time. Products being offered for campaigns must be full sized products which will not be returned. We do not accept reviews for loaner products which need to be returned. Also no sample size products are accepted, in the case want to feature your product.


    As a Brand Ambassador, I can represent your brand for a designated duration of time. Usually ambassadorships are contracted for a yearly rate. I am open to 6 month or other kinds of ambassadorship opportunities as well. I love being a voice for the brands I represent as an Ambassador. I will help promote and embody the image in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics of the companies I value and work with as an ambassador. I will travel to represent the brand at events and provide promotion on the site and on all social media channels for the brand. I would love to represent you!


    We do not host giveaways unless they are part of a sponsored campaign or are part of a special event being held on this site (for example our Holiday Gift Guide). Offering a giveaway with in a sponsored post or sponsored social media campaign is a GREAT way to create a buzz about your product or service. My readers appreciate the opportunity to win exciting prizes and or the products they are learning about through the post. I do request all prizes ship directly to the winner. Large prizes we definitely can NOT ship. I promote giveaways using various forms of social networking sites and giveaway link ups and sites. It all depends on the product being offered and if readers find it interesting enough. All Giveaway Prizes must Have a value of $50 or above unless other arrangements are made for the giveaway.


    We can create original Recipes and DIY tutorials with your products. We will create a video or a photography driven post with all the details and demonstrations on how to create the recipe or Craft/DIY idea which will showcase your brand in a unique way. We will also style, photograph, and edit all photos and videos for the post to allow brands to share photos and videos seamlessly if they’d like.


    We provide custom shot videos or video coverage of events for brands. All Videos are shot in High Definition and are tailor made to showcase the products and brand message. Simply Tell Us Your Needs For Videos and We can accommodate!


    We are open to travel to cover resort or tourist destinations with in and outside of the USA. Travel and Accommodations are usually provided but we are open to discussing travel to destinations if they can be easily reached by car. We have worked with many resorts and destinations to provide fantastic coverage for their offerings. We would love to travel for you!


    If you need a customized campaign or solely social media promotion, we can discuss rates to create a custom campaign to fit your needs to share information with my readers and followers. I will NOT under any circumstances promote any of the following: Products that are overly sexual in nature. No pornographic campaigns or promotions. It’s not appropriate for my site. When in doubt please contact me and I will let you know if it’s a good fit for the site.


    I have worked with numerous brands and companies through out the years directly or through their PR companies. Here are just a Few of the Brands I’ve worked with below.

    Event Sponsorships
    We are accepting Event Sponsorships. Brite & Bubbly can represent your brand for any Upcoming Conferences or Events! We are open to both Sole Sponsorships and Partial Sponsorships.

    • Sole Sponsors would cover all travel and accommodations for the event or conference. As a Sole Sponsor you will be the sole brand represented at the event or conference.
    • Partial Sponsors cover partial travel and accommodations for the event or conference. Unfortunately with this option your brand will not be the only brand being represented at the conference or event.

    Some of the Events and Conferences we’ve attended for brands in the past include The Academy Awards (Oscars), The Grammy’s, I Heart Radio Fiesta Latino, Movie Premieres, The Sundance Film Festival, Alt Summit, CES, Blogher, Mom 2.0, Food Blog Forum, Craftcation, and Blogalicious to name a few. We’ve covered numerous events and conferences around the country. Please reach out for further details on Event Coverage and Event Sponsorship opportunities!

    Event Hosting

    We have taught and hosted numerous DIY and Party Decor Events and we can do it for you as well! We offer hosting and planning services for brand centered events and product driven parties. Seen above are recent parties hosted for the Cake Boss and Balloontime brands. We can create a custom party and event which will showcase your brand, business, location, event or products being used by individuals who attend these parties and events. They are a great way to launch and showcase your products and brands. Brite & Bubbly is located in the Southern California/Los Angeles area, but we are open to traveling to locations outside of Los Angeles to host events as well as long as transportation and accommodations are provided. Our events are usually hosted with in the Brite & Bubbly Home studio or with in an outside Los Angeles location. Please feel free to reach out for more details on event hosting and event planning opportunities!

    Again for any further information about any of these offerings please CONTACT hello(at)BriteandBubbly(dot)com for more information!

    Please note, Brite & Bubbly does not accept text ads or links. We also do not accept any 3rd party written/ad posts at this time and we will not be able to respond to such inquiries. We are also not able to respond to requests for sharing press releases and info for movies and events.

    We also provide photography, social media marketing campaigns and manage the social media accounts for small businesses.

    If your small business needs help get started in social media or help with branding and marketing, we can help with all your marketing and social media needs! Feel free to reach out to discuss further!

    Thank you for your interest in our site! We look forward to working with you!