A Tasty DIY Gift Idea To Say Thanks For The Holidays!

This post is sponsored by Rubbermaid® on behalf of Everywhere Agency; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hey All!

The holidays are here and it’s the time of year where I like to give back and say thanks to the people who make my life easier throughout the year. I don’t know about you, but I know I wouldn’t be able to run my business or live my life all year long with out my delivery people. I’m talking my United States postal workers, UPS, Fedex, and Amazon delivery people. I get multiple packages from each daily and they all know me by name. I’m on a first name basis with George my Amazon delivery guy. Each year I like to do something special for my delivery guys and gals to say thanks for their hard work and this year I’m thrilled to be partnering with Rubbermaid® to make some awesome holiday cookie cakes and cookies to gift them inside their awesome holiday TakeAlongs® containers.

I think making something tasty for your delivery people to enjoy when they are running around delivery packages is the perfect gift to say thanks with. Placing them inside an awesome TakeAlongs® holiday container makes it a gift that keeps on giving. They can use the container for their own snacks and lunches after they are done with the treats you gift them.

TakeAlongs® holiday containers are the perfect container to gift your treats in. They come in festive colors like red, green, gold that add a bit of cheer to any holiday occasion or baked gift.

You can purchase your TakeAlongs® holiday containers at Walmart, which is where I ran out to get mine!

I got two sizes of the rectangular green and gold containers. The gold is a new color for the holidays and I love it! You can pick which size fits your cookies and cookie cakes best since TakeAlongs® holiday containers come in assorted product sizes and shapes to hold a variety of dishes, treats and snacks. I couldn’t wait to get mine home to start baking up some cookies and cookie cakes for my Amazon delivery guy George. Since I did a lot of shopping on Black Friday, I know he was going to be delivering me a lot of packages this week.

I used an every day sugar cookie recipe that I use for all my holiday cookies. I divided the dough and added some green food coloring to some of the dough to make some green tree and wreath cookies. I left some of the dough regular to make some cute white cookies as well.

I wanted to make some mini cookie cakes and regular cookies for George, because cookie cakes are all the rage and he had mentioned that he loves cookie cakes. Cookie cakes are just two layers of cookie with frosting or icing in the center to make it almost like a cake.

I did a variety of regular one layer cookies so he can eat those while he’s delivering and then enjoy the cookie cakes at home.

I made cookies with purple…


Green, red, and yellow icing and frosting. You simply bake up your cookies, add a layer of frosting or icing on the bottom layer of cookie. You then place your top layer of cookie on top of the frosting or icing and then decorate the top layer with icing and festive sprinkles and candies. I recommend using icing and not frosting for the top layer because it hardens.

I added lots of fun rainbows, flamingos, balls, stars, and festive sprinkles to the cookies.

I found these super cute gift tag napkins to go along with my cookies and containers.

I placed my cookies and cookie cakes inside each of my containers.

As you can see they fit perfectly inside! If you make smaller cookies that don’t have icing with decorations on them, you can fit a ton of cookies inside each container. These would be perfect for butter spritz cookies!

I digress… I place the lid on each container and wrapped them with a ribbon and a fun gift tag.

Who wouldn’t love a cute decorated container filled with tasty cookie treats? I know I would! I’m sure George is going to love them!

I love that he’ll be able to see the yummy goodness awaiting him inside as TakeAlongs® holiday containers are tinted yet translucent, allowing for great visibility of your treats, while adding a festive feel.

I’ll be gifting these to George and all my favorite delivery people this year. I hope you’ll join me by making your own cookie gifts for your delivery people this holiday season. I’m sure they’ll be very happy with the thoughtful gift!

TakeAlongs® holiday containers are also perfect to take on-the-go to holiday gatherings, cookie swaps, or for gifting baked goods.

Run out to Walmart now to get your own Rubbermaid® TakeAlongs® and get to baking up some cookie gifts for the holidays!

Thanks for supporting amazing brands like this one who keep this Brite & Bubbly party going!



  • OMG I love how bright and fun your cookies are. They’re a nice change from the typical red and green. Cookies are always a great gift idea!

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  • This is cute and people get to keep the containers for other uses. I am always losing my containers so to get a treat and the container is a great idea.

  • I love the colors of the containers. What a great idea to give goodies to the neighbors without the expensive costs of tins and glass. And my favorite thing is they are also recyclable so when they need to be replaced, you can pop them into the recycle bin

  • I love this idea! The Take Along containers are perfect for gift giving! The Holiday colors are so festive.

  • Those cookies look so amazing! I need some of those. I just love those containers as well. I own a lot, and they become very useful during the holiday season.

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  • Perfect for all the cookies I’m planning to give out this Christmas! I also like the colors available.

  • These are all so cute! I love all the bright colors and how you used some purple frosting in there too. Those containers are great for packing up cookies and sharing too!

  • I love rubbermaid products, I use them daily especially when taking goodies to work

  • When it comes to food storage, I have always used Rubbermaid products. Those cookies though! They are just the prettiest! Love ’em!

  • When it comes to food storage, I have always used Rubbermaid products. Those cookies though! They are just the prettiest! Love ’em!