AfterShokz OpenComm Makes A Great Gift!

Need a gift for someone working at home? Check out the AfterShokz OpenComm Bluetooth headset!

AfterShokz Bluetooth headset Box

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I’m sure a lot of us are working from home these days or you know someone who’s switched to working from home. It can be a struggle sometimes to take business calls at home, so why not give a gift that makes it so much easier for that special at home worker in your life to take those work calls. Check out the AfterShokz OpenComm Bluetooth headset! The OpenComm is the first AfterShokz Bluetooth headset designed specifically for communication. It’s the perfect gift idea for someone who works from home!

AfterShokz Bluetooth headset

As someone who works from home myself, I’ve had to help my husband make the adjustment. These are going to be a perfect gift for him for the holidays. AfterShokz OpenComm is engineered with patented 7th generation bone conduction technology and features a signature open-ear design.

AfterShokz Bluetooth headset

OpenComm enables clear communication through the DSP noise-canceling boom microphone. It’s water-resistant but not waterproof, so keep that in mind.


AfterShokz Bluetooth headset

It helps you stay connected to your surroundings while you’re on the road or at your desk at home. You don’t have to just use these at home. You can use them where ever you need to take a call!

AfterShokz Bluetooth headset

They sound great and they look great on! They are super easy to use as well. They sync very easily to your phone with Bluetooth.

It has a high-powered battery that gives you up to 16 hours of talk time or 8 hours of listen time on a single charge. OpenComm also utilizes a Quick Charge feature; simply plug your headset into its magnetic induction charger for 5 minutes to get up to 2 hours of talk time.

They also have the following features:

  • Noise-Canceling Boom Mic
  • Open-Ear ComfortAfterShokz Bluetooth headset

They also come in a perfectly square box that make them so easy to wrap.

AfterShokz Bluetooth headset

AfterShokz makes some amazing products. This is just one great gift idea you can give for the holidays, check out their website for even more great gift ideas!

AfterShokz Bluetooth headset

Thanks so much to AfterShokz for sending this product and for allowing us to feature it in this years Holiday Gift Guide!

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