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Last month I had the amazing opportunity to chat with the stars of Daddy’s Home. The day included a chat with the king of cool Mark Wahlberg, my favorite comedian ever Will Ferrell, and the fabulous Linda Cardellini.  I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t freak out a little bit when Mark and Will came into the room. I love these two just as much as I love Joseph Gordon Levitt aka I love them with a passion. I think I love all the Wahlbergs to be honest. I also watch a Will Ferrell movie almost every day. I digress…

Mark Wahlberg

We got to see Daddy’s Home in a press screening before this interview and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t wait to chat with them about the film, as they have amazing chemistry on camera.

The Other Guys is one of my favorite movies ever, so I wanted to know if they planned to work on this movie after they worked together on that film? Did they actively pursue something to work together or did this just happen?


It just kind of happened. We had a blast working on The Other Guys, and I guess he had had this script for a while. Brian, the original writer, actually worked with us, as well, as on Entourage for quite some time. But he had written the script, and then by the time Will was attached, they sent it to me.

Daddy's Home Cast

So what drew Will Ferrel to this script and made him want to make this movie?


I think, you know, this whole notion of a blended family is so common now, because there’s so many families who have to deal with a stepparent on either side and trying to make that work. They have to work with accepting the fact that, the biological father is part of it, as well, or not. You know, it just felt like territory that hadn’t been explored before. And also to speak to your point of not making that usual evil stepparent movie. It was making me laugh, the idea of getting to play this guy, who all he wants to do is be the world’s greatest dad, to the point where it’s a little bit – makes you nauseous, you know. He loves these kids so much, and this family. But the kids could kind of care less, and are like, “Okay, relax. You don’t have to try so hard.” And the fact that he’s this man who’s so in touch with his feelings, and will cry at the drop of a hat, and all those things just seemed so funny to me.  I think all those things led to us wanting to do this.

There’s a lot of parenting mishaps in the film and we wanted to know if they’ve actually experienced any mishaps of their own?


I’ve had quite a few. I’ve got a good one. I just keep showing my kids stuff that I think is appropriate, and my wife quickly corrects me. But, yeah –


I drop my oldest son off at soccer practice for about two hours –


On the wrong field?


On the wrong field, yeah.


My dad took me to the wrong school, and like put me in there, and I’m like, “Dad, it’s not my school.” He was like, “Get in there, you’re alright.” You know, “That’s your school.” I was like, “Dad, it’s not my school.”


In Dorchester?


Um-hmm. You’re a responsible mother, so you’ve probably never done anything.


I’m a first time mother, so you know, everything is you’re scared you’re making some kind of misstep. But I do, and she corrects me, and it’s fine. She’s three and a half and she already knows better than I do.


That’s what the movie is pointing out and celebrating, is the fact that as parents, you really don’t know what you’re doing, and you’re just making it up as you go along. And some day, some nights you lie in bed going, “Today was a good day. There was really some great teachable moments, and these are moments our children are gonna remember.” And then other days, you’re like, “Oh, I totally blew it. That was not good.” So I think floundering in that, and the fact that these three characters learn to kind of work together and kind of figure it out, is kind of the message of the movie that it doesn’t matter what method you use, as long as you approach, the rearing of children with love, respect, and everything like that, it’s all gonna work out.

I was wondering about the hilarious fight scene in the movie. We were wondering if they ever had to deal with the bully situation with their own kids.


Well, luckily my kids haven’t gotten in any fights yet. There was only one reported fight at school. Like, my youngest son, he was very frisky. He was punching people in the private areas, but big people, like the Rock. He came to visit on the movie that I was doing with the Rock. And the Rock was so nice. He was like, “Oh, your kids are coming?” And I said, “Oh, yeah, they’re huge fans, man.” And he brought over all these toys from WWE, like wrestling figures and all this stuff. And he came in the trailer, and they were hiding in the back. And I was like, “Guys, come on out.” And he was like, “I’ll get ‘em, I’ll get ‘em.” So he goes in the back and says, “What are you guys doing hiding in here,” and he brings them out. And then you know, my oldest son, Michael, he gives him a high five. Brandon goes to give him a high five, and he went ‘boom’, and punched him in the nuts. He went down, and he’s like, “Yo, Dude, what the…” And I was like, “Hey”. But they haven’t gotten in any conflicts at school, which is good, you know. You know, I mean, ‘cause for me, like my son now, he’s in fourth grade.  I remember first grade, I wasn’t in school three days and I got into a fight with two dudes, and I got my whole head split open. I had stitches, had to go to the hospital.


In the first grade?


Yeah, first grade, Dude. I was getting stitches in the back of my head, fighting two kids, who ended up being my good friends after a few years. But I’m thinking these kids are haven’t had any trouble like I had, you know. Nothing bad.


I don’t know, these schools nowadays are very much about conflict resolution and, “Okay, so Tommy here wants the ball.” You know. “Bobby, do you think you could share the ball?” “Tommy, why do you want the ball so bad?” “Well, I just – Bobby’s been playing with it for an hour, and I – I wanted to play with it yesterday, and he wouldn’t let me.” And like, “Bobby, is there a reason why you won’t share?” Like – so it’s – they’re all about talking it out.

After the interview they were kind enough to snap some selfies with us!

Daddy's Home Me and Mark

I almost died snuggling up to Mark!

Daddy's Home Cast Me

I also almost died the entire interview sitting next to Will Ferrell!

Be sure to run and see the laugh out loud funny film Daddy’s Home out tomorrow Christmas Day!

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