Hey All!

As I continue to give you all the run down of everything I saw and attended at D23, I have to tell you about an amazing toy I was lucky to witness the launch of! And it had a very special guest in attendance at the launch!

Pixar’s own John Lasseter showed up at the Mattel booth on Friday to help announce the release of a new set of extremely rare chase cars. This is the first “Super Chase” that will be coming next year. There will be 4 in 2012.

He also accepted one of the cars a gift from one of the Mattel heads! This car the first car in the series to be released.

He was in love with this car as you can see from the pictures! He kept saying, “This one is coming home with me!”

The car he received is of the character Janne “Flash” Nilsson. Not familiar with him? That’s probably because he only appears in the Swedish version of “Cars 2.”

This car is SUPER RARE! He is also really adorable as well! In fact all the Cars Hot Wheels toys are adorable! As you can see in the pictures they had almost the entire line of toy cars on display at the Mattel booth inside of a Car shaped display of course.

I love the picture I got below as you can see these toys really bring out the kid in these guys!

They also had the most amazing Lego sculpture of Lightning McQueen on display at D23 that I just had to share pictures of with you.

 Yes that is made entirely of Lego blocks! See the close up picture below if you don’t believe me!


I digress…

This launch was so great to be a part of and thanks so much to Mattel and Matthew for allowing me to attend!

Look for your own Janne “Flash” Nilsson car, and other super-rare Mattel chase cars, at your local toy stores soon! If you’re lucky to find one of these cars let me know. Let the chase begin!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. All opinions are my own.***