Disney Plus’s Godmothered Is Magical Holiday Fun!

Looking for something fun to watch this holiday season? Check out Godmothered on Disney Plus!

Hey All!

Walt Disney Pictures presents Godmothered; an original film that carries on the Disney tradition of being perfect for the whole family. Godmothered is directed by Sharon Maguire (Bridget Jones’ Diary) and written by the team of Kari Granlund (Lady and the Tramp 2020), and Melissa K. Stack (The Other Woman).

Godmothered tells the story of a Fairy Godmother in training named Eleanor (Jillian Bell from Brittany Runs a Marathon22 Jump Street) who travels to the real world to help someone find their “Happily Ever After” in an effort to keep The Fairy Godmother School from closing forever. That someone is a single mother living in Boston named Mackenzie (Isla Fisher from Wedding Crashers and Keeping Up with the Joneses). The film has a very familiar concept with some twists, which seems to be the modern-day trope of some of the best modern-day original Disney films. Eleanor is magical but has zero experience as a Godmother and still does not even have all her magic under control. Mackenzie on the other hand is extremely practical and pragmatic. Raising two children with some help from her sister and working a job that has sucked the joy from her life, Mackenzie has no time for “Happily Ever After.” This now has become a seemingly impossible task for Eleanor who makes up for her lack of experience with an endless amount of enthusiasm and positivity.

Godmothered explores the ideas of how magic can exist in a world that no longer believes in it and asks the question: can people believe in “Happily Ever After?” Both ideas are apart of a more general exploration of the question: “can hope and positivity exist in a cynical world?” This is Disney so obviously their answer is yes. But films like Godmothered are like chicken soup for the soul. You know that there will be a happy ending but there is still enough drama and “realism” to make the story relatable. And the humor is always clean and good hearted. The film never becomes crass or cheap in its jokes but also delivers some real laughs. The laughs are mainly in part to the performance and line delivery from Jillian Bell. Jillian Bell as Eleanor has the same kind of charming naivete as Giselle from Enchanted and is easily both my favorite part as well as the funniest part of the film.

Godmothered is rated PG but I honestly do not know what is not appropriate for all ages except maybe the mention of a character being dead (a dialogue exchange between Eleanor and a little girl which lasts maybe a minute). The film takes place around the holiday season and dropping on December 4th on Disney Plus in 2020 is really just perfect. Godmothered is sure to join the pantheon of modern Disney classics as a film which can provide multiple comfort viewings through the years.

GODMOTHERED is streaming exclusively on Disney+ starting December 4th! Be sure to check it out! You and your family will love it!

Check out the trailer below: