Disney Treat Tray + Easy DIY Marshmallow Tigger Wands!

Hey All!

As we’re staying safer at home and can’t get to the Disney parks any time soon, we’re having things shipped and making our own Disney tasty treats at home. You can get pretty much anything shipped these days. I had a friend of mine in Florida Disney’s Neverland Delivery get us some treats at Disney World and she shipped them to me. She got me these Minnie Sweets Mickey and Minnie Chocolate and Vanilla Cookies and the Milk Chocolate Covered Mickey Pretzels. The pretzels came melted but you can still see Mickey and they still taste amazing. They both go perfectly with these DIY Marshmallow Tigger Wands we made. It makes for one magically sweet treat tray!

You can serve this for your Disney family movie night or just for an after school treat for the kids. It’s so easy to put together.

Here is everything you’ll need and how to make the Tigger Marshmallow Wands:

I used these Stuffed Puffs® Chocolate-on-Chocolate Marshmallows to make my wands. They are marshmallows with the chocolate inside the marshmallow. They are perfect for s’mores and for making extra chocolatey Tigger Wands.

First you align 3 of the same size marshmallows.

Next you melt up your orange and black candy melts. You dunk your cake pop stick into the orange chocolate and then stick the stick into the 3 marshmallows to make the wand. You then dunk the whole wand of marshmallows into the orange chocolate.

Let them harden. You can put them in the fridge so they harden up faster. Once they are hardened, you then you put your melted black chocolate into a pipping bag or a sandwich bag and cup of a tip. You pipe the black melted chocolate quickly across each Tigger wand to create the stripes. Another option for these is to melt some caramel and dunk the marshmallows in the caramel before you dunk them in the orange chocolate. That’s just another option for these wands.

You then place the wands on your tray (preferably a Disney tray) and add your Disney themed treats to the tray.

Take a bite and enjoy all these sweet goodness! It’s just a little fun treat you can quickly make for you and your family to enjoy. Or you can enjoy it all for yourself!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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