DIY a2 Milk® And Cereal Popsicles!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The a2 Milk Company™. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Hey All!

Summer is almost here and I’m already starting to feel the heat here in sunny California. We’re always on the go and running around for work or school, so that doesn’t help when it’s hot outside. I would love to start my day by having a nice bowl of milk and cereal, but that’s not really possible since we all suffer from belly issues. Thankfully, we can now enjoy our favorite quick and easy breakfast thanks to a2 Milk®. Those of us who have belly issues and lactose intolerance issues may enjoy this milk without any symptoms. I found it at our local grocery store not too long ago and I haven’t drank any other milk since. a2 Milk® is milk the way nature intended and I can’t get enough of it! I been non-stop thinking of ways to take our a2 Milk® and cereal on the go, during these warm summer months. I finally came up with the perfect solution! I can make some DIY a2 Milk® And Cereal Popsicles! They are super easy to make, will keep you cool, and allow you to enjoy your milk and cereal on the go when you’re super busy.

To make these on-the-go popsicles you’ll need:

DIY a2 Milk & Cereal Popsicles Supplies Supplies-DIY-Recipes

  • a2 Milk® of your choice.
  • Cereals of your choice.
  • Popsicle Mold.
  • Popsicle Sticks.
  • Pinch of Raspberry and White Chocolate Sugar.


First you put your cereals into the popsicle mold.

DIY a2 Milk & Cereal Popsicles Step 1

You don’t want to put to much inside each mold. Fill it about half way. You’ll add some more after you add your a2 Milk®. Add a sprinkles of Raspberry and White Chocolate Sugar for some added flavor. Not too much as you don’t want too much sugar in these popsicles.

DIY a2 Milk & Cereal Popsicles Step 2

You fill your molds with your a2 Milk® and press some more cereal into the molds, so that the cereal is spread through out the popsicle. You then put your popsicle sticks in with the lid of your mold and put it in the freezer over night so your popsicles can harden. Once they are hardened in the morning you run them under some hot water to loosen the popsicles from the mold.

DIY a2 Milk with Popsicles You pull them out and enjoy!

DIY a2 Milk Popsicles Singles

How fun are these breakfast treat popsicles?!!

DIY a2 Milk Popsicles Close Up

I love them and I love that they are keeping my family cool all summer long in addition to being our morning breakfast. It’s a win win!


If you’ve never heard of a2 Milk®, It is available in half gallon cartons and costs about $4.49. The varieties it comes in include: whole milk, reduced fat 2%, low fat 1% and fat-free. It’s available throughout California in Whole Foods, Ralph’s, Sprouts, Gelson’s and more. The company is diligently working toward nationwide distribution, and you can check their locator for the most up to date information on where to buy here on this Product Locator.

I hope you enjoy these yummy popsicles and a2 Milk® as much as I do! For more info on a2 Milk® follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest You can also save with this a2 Milk® $1 Off Coupon.

Happy almost Summer and Stay cool everyone!


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