DIY Carrot Countdown To Easter Idea!


Hey All!

I’ve got another fun Easter DIY for you today. It’s a little late to post, but it’s been a crazy day! I still wanted to share it with you. It’s an easy DIY Candy Carrot Countdown To Easter Idea! It’s perfect when you’ve reached those final 8 days until Easter and you’re looking for a fun way to count down the days. This Easter DIY is super easy to make and will sure to be a hit with your kids. Who doesn’t love a good countdown to a holiday?! They always involve candy of course.


To Make This Countdown to Easter You’ll Need:

  • Orange Cardstock
  • 1 inch hole punch
  • 1 Fruit Carton
  • Glue Dots
  • Sticker Numbers (I used gold glitter ones but you can use any one you’d like)
  • Shredded Paper Basket Stuffing
  • Glittered Tiny Easter Eggs ( I got mine at the Dollar Store)
  • Chocolate Carrots ( I got mine at CVS, but they have them on Amazon too)

First you cut out your circles with your hole punch. You stick your sticker numbers to each circle.


You then stick your circle numbers onto your chocolate carrots withe a glue dot.


The carrots come inside their own stand that keeps them upright. Stick the carrots back in their stand and stick the stands in a fruit basket. Cover the fruit basket with your shredded paper and some mini Easter Eggs and Boom you’re done!


When it’s 8 days until Easter you start pulling out each carrot and eating them until you reach Easter Sunday! Woot! I’m sure you might want to save one for the Easter Bunny as well! He may coming hopping along and want that last carrot on Easter.

I hope you enjoy this simple Easter Countdown idea as much as we do! It’s a fun simple idea that you can do with your kids.

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