DIY Chocolate Dipped Emoji Ice Cream Cone!

emoji ice cream cone

Hey All!

Since it’s both National Ice Cream Day and World Emoji Day today, I quickly threw together the best of both worlds in this DIY Chocolate Dipped Emoji Ice Cream Cone! It’s an idea that popped into my head and I originally wasn’t going to share it since it didn’t come out as perfect as I wanted. But I figured with it being the special occasion of having two awesome holidays in one, I figured I had to share it. They still came out cut and you will still enjoy them regardless because they are tasty!! Who wouldn’t want an emoji ice cream cone for National Ice Cream Day and World Emoji Day? I know I do and I’ll be munching on these tomorrow!

emoji-ice cream cone

Here is how to make these fun ice cream cones!

emoji cone supplies



Since I just threw this together last minute, I sadly didn’t take photos of the step by steps of how to make these, But I will tell you in detail of the simple directions. You can make this two ways. One being using store bought ice cream or making your own soft serve ice cream with this Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker. You simply either make your ice cream with the Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker and your favorite ice cream recipe or already made mix and twirl it into your colored ice cream cone or you can place your store bought ice cream into a pipping bag and pipe it into a swirl onto your cone, so it looks like soft serve. Doing the pipping by had is a little more difficult as it’s super cold to hold, but I did both and they both worked fine! I survived pipping the ice cream with out frost bite to my fingers!

Once you have your ice cream on your cone, Put them in the freezer for about 15 minutes so they harden up a bit. This is when you’ll melt your chocolate candy melts in the microwave for a minute, then stir, and then another minute until they are completely melted. You’ll then mix in your yellow candy coloring. The chocolate melts I use are very smooth and liquid like. It melts almost like a chocolate sauce, which you can add candy coloring to. You can not use regular wilton candy melts as they just melt too thick and harden too quickly.  This chocolate will stay soft and in liquid form for longer.

diy emoji ice-cream cone


Once you have your chocolate colored yellow, you get your cones out of the freezer and quickly dunk them into the chocolate in a swirling motion so you can drip off the excess chocolate. You then put them back in the freezer to harden up. You then take your cones out and place your red heart eyes jumbo sprinkles on to the cone with some chocolate. You lastly pipe on some mouths to your cones with the black icing. That’s it! You’re done!

You’ve got yourself a super cute emoji cone to enjoy on National Ice Cream Day and World Emoji Day!

diy emoji ice cream cone

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Happy Ice Cream and Emoji Day folks!