DIY Donut Pins, Rings, And Shoe Clips!

DIY Donut Flair Pins Rings, Shoe Clips

Hey All!

It’s National Donut Day! How are you dressing today to go out and get your free donuts? I’m going to be dressed head to toe in donuts today and I couldn’t be happier! I made some DIY Donut Pins, Rings, and Shoe Clips to make this happen. You could easily make them to wear today as well as I went old school and made them with Shrinky Dinks! Remember those when you were kids? I used to love them growing up didn’t you?!! They are so easy to make that you can run out to a craft store right now and have them made in 30 minutes just in time to run out and get some donuts.

Here is how to make all this amazing donut pride flair!

Donut Flair Supplies




First you DOWNLOAD and Print out Our Free Donut Printables In Multiple Sizes onto the shrinky dink sheets with your printer.

Donut Flair Step 2

You can then either cut them out with your scissors or you can upload the images to your Cricut Design space and cut them out with your Cricut using the print and cut feature!

Donut Flair Step 2jpg

Once you have all your donut sizes cut out, you then place them on parchment paper on a cookie baking sheet (doing each size together at one time if you have a large enough cookie sheet). You bake for 2 minutes at the heating instructions it states on the Shrinky Dink sheets instructions until the paper shrinks down.

DIY Donut Flair Pins, Rings

You want to watch it to make sure they shrink down flat and don’t shrink too small. Once they shrink and are flat pull them quickly out of the oven. Flatten them down with your oven mitt and let them cool on piece of paper. Once they are cooled they will be like hard plastic. You then use your E6000 glue or any fast drying glue you have like your glue gun to stick your donuts to your ring bases, pin backs, and shoe clips. I used the E6000 glue for the rings and pins and my glue gun for the shoe clips. The leather on the back of the shoe clips doesn’t really work with the E6000 glue. It works perfect with a glue gun!

DIY Donut Flair Pins and Rings

Let the glue dry and that’s it! You’re done! You’ve got some awesome flair from head to toe to show your donut love on National Donut Day!

DIY Donut Flair Pin and Rings

You’ve got adorable pins and rings and shoe clips!DIY Donut Flair Shoe Clips

Who wouldn’t want to work these fabulous donut shoes?!! I love them! It’s all about the donuts and rose’!

Donut Flair Pins, Rings, Shoe Clips

I hope you work the heck out of your donut flair, rings and shoe clips!

DIY Donut Flair and Shoe Clips

I also hope you love these as much as I do!

Wearing Donuts from head to toe is the way to go on National Donut Day!

Have a Happy Day Folks!

I know we will!

Happy National Donut Day everyone!

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