DIY Giant Rainbow Peeps Bunny Cookie!

Hey All!

Today I’m keeping the Easter Peeps obsession going with this yummy DIY Giant Rainbow Peeps Bunny Cookie! It’s super easy to make and it will be the perfect tasty treat addition to all those Easter Brunches this year! Who wouldn’t love seeing a giant Peep on their table for Easter? I know I would! Hence why I made it! I love Peeps and I look forward to this time of year, just so I can binge on them with no issues. There is peeps everything this year (even Oreos) and this giant Peep cookie is going to fit right in. Here is how to make it!

Here’s what you’ll need to make it:

First you mix up your cookie mix according to your mix or recipes instructions. You can add sprinkles to your mix or leave it as a plain sugar cookie. You spray or butter your giant Peep cookie pan very well, so your cookie doesn’t still to the pan.

After you baked up your giant cookie, you then let it cool completely and harden up a little. Once it’s cool you can begin decorating it.

First you’ll put a thin layer of pink frosting or icing onto your cookie as a base. You’ll then roll your different colored pastel fondants one at a time. You don’t want to open all the packages at the same time or your fondant will harden. Only open one at a time and work one at a time. You roll out your first color and then use your pan as a guide to trace out the shapes. With a knife cut out 1.5-2 inch thick strips for each piece of fondant. You also cut out two pieces for the ears.

Place each piece of fondant on top of the iced giant Peep cookie. Once all your piece are on, press down the fondant in the centers of the cookie to find the indents of the cookie where the eyes and noise should be. This will show you exactly where your eyes and nose should be.

Use your black icing with a decorators tip to draw little circles for the eyes and nose.

Place the cookie carefully on a serving platter or bakers cake board and serve. That’s all you have to do to make this awesome Giant Peeps Bunny Cookie! How cute is that folks?! Love it! You can pair it with some chick Peeps  kabobs.

Or a giant Peeps Bunny pop…

Or these Peeps confetti eggs, which I found at target and I’m obsessed with them! They have a whole Peeps section at Target, which is where I found all this Peeps marshmallow goodness.

I hope you love this Giant Peeps Cookie as much as I do! He’s so Peeptastic!

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