DIY Rainbow Unicorn Donut Holes!

Hey All!

Every year I like to do something special for Donut week, aka the week that leads up to National Donut Day! In case you didn’t know, National Donut Day always falls on the first Friday in June. This year, I wanted to do some fun and quick donut ideas, so I came up with this grocery store donut holes hack. I made some DIY Rainbow Unicorn Donut Holes with some regular grocery store bought donut holes. It took my like 5-10 minutes to do all these donut holes. You can totally make these to enjoy on National Donut Day!

Here is how to make them!

Some Grocery Store or Any Store Bought Donut Holes. I used ones that were a mix of plain cake and powered sugar donut holes.

These Wilton Colored Powered Sugars.

First, you dunk your donut hole into the blue powdered sugar.

Make sure it’s covered completely in the blue powdered sugar.

You then pour and dunk it into the green powdered sugar…

Followed by the pink powdered sugar…

Followed by the yellow powered sugar.

You make sure each donut hole is covered in a rainbow of colors.

Place them on a tray and enjoy! That’s it! That’s all you have to do to make these colorful magical looking donut holes.

They almost look like galaxy donut holes too!

I’m sure all my unicorn babes would love to each these for National Donut Day!

I know I can’t wait to much on them come Friday!

Make sure to serve them on some iridescent and rainbow plates. I got these at Target!

You can also pack them in these cute donut boxes and bags from Wilton.

I love that they say “Doughnut mind if I do!”

I’m always torn about spelling it donut or doughnut! Either way, these DIY Rainbow Unicorn Donut Holes are calling your name!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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Happy Almost National Donut Day folks!