Easy DIY Summer Watermelon Purse!

Hey All!

Since summer is in full effect, I wanted to do something fun for summer. I’m trying to do more sewing since I have this bubbly baby on the way. I’m trying to up my sewing skills so I can make him some cute bibs. I figured I would get to practicing with some DIY’s I could share with you. Today I’m sharing how to make this Easy DIY Summer Watermelon Purse! You can make it as a change purse or as a large clutch size purse. What ever you feel comfortable making, either size is perfect to work this summer!

Who doesn’t love a cute watermelon themed purse? I know I do!

Watermelon is THE fruit of summer and it’s always so cute to see accessories and party supplies that have a watermelon theme.

Here is how to make it!

  • Felt fabric – green, light pink, hot pink and black
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Zipper
  • Pencil
  • Download Free Printable template HERE to prepare the patterns.

Print and cut out the patterns from the template. Trace the patterns on the selected felt fabric and cut them out nicely.

Place the zipper on a flat surface with its right side facing up. Place the 2 large semi circle pieces on both sides of the zipper; aligning the straight sides of both pieces on both sides of the zipper. Match any one end of the zipper with the semi circle pieces; we can trim the other end later if necessary.

Prepare needle and thread. Overlap about half cm of the straight parts of the semi circle pieces with the zipper. Stitch the semi circle pieces and the zipper together by simply doing running or flat blanket stitch along the overlapped parts.

Keep 1 cm extra and then cut off extra zipper length if necessary. This is the main body part of the pouch.

Take small semi circle piece and gather the seed patterns. Prepare needle with black thread.

I worked cross stitches to attach the seed patterns with the small semi circle piece. After attaching all the seed patterns on the small semi circle pieces tie 2 tight knots at the back side of the piece and cut off extra thread.

Place the zipper attached piece, seed attached small piece and the medium semi circle piece on a flat surface.

Place the medium semi circle piece on the front part (green semi circle piece) of the main body part. Alight the straight parts of both pieces (front semi circle and medium semi circle).

Now place the seed attached semi circle piece on the medium semi circle piece; align its straight part with the previous pieces as well.

You can stitch the medium and the small (seed attached piece) pieces individually but I worked a single line of flat blanket stitch along the curved side of the small piece and hence attaching all 3 pieces (front, medium and small) together. Tie a knot and cut off extra thread after the stitch is complete.

Fold the main body part into half; keeping the zipper on the middle and matching the semi circle son both sides of it. Prepare needle and thread; start stitching from any one side, adjacent to the zipper.

It is best to work flat blanket stitch to close the side of the main body part of the pouch. Simply work flat blanket stitch from one side to the other side.

Tie 2 tight knots and cut off extra thread after the stitch is complete.

Take a piece (5 cm x 2.5 cm) of felt fabric and fold it into half along its width. Cover 1 cm along the side of the open end of the zipper under the fold of the 5 cm felt piece; fold the felt piece into half lengthwise and match the end with its other end. Use needle and matching thread to stitch the 5 cm felt piece with the pouch. Tie a knot and cut off extra thread after the stitch is complete.

And that’s all folks! You’re done!

How cute is that folks? You can put your lipstick, change, or what ever you’d like inside.

You can make a large one and make a clutch!

Either size you make small or large, I hope you love it as much as I do!

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