Edx Aquatic Counters For Kids!

Looking for a great learning gift for kids 3 and up? Check out Edx Aquatic Counters!

Edx Aquatic Counters

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Looking for great educational gift for kids 3 and up? Check out Edx Education Aquatic Counters! Edx Education offers an array of STEM toys for kids of all ages. These are perfect for children learning addition and subtraction. This toy actively engages kids with it’s bright colored animal themed pieces.

Edx Aquatic Counters

You’ll also add a nautical side to learning with Aquatic Counters, an aquatic themed early math toy. These soft, textured animals are perfect for counting, sorting and classifying. Use these tiny critters to teach beginner addition, subtraction and multiplication. You can ask your child “What animal is this? What is its texture?”.

They would be perfect to use in sand boxes or for water play!

Edx Aquatic Counters

Kids will increase their vocabulary and descriptive skills with these multicolored, textured counters. Soft, textured surfaces also make Aquatic Counters exciting to hold and touch! These versatile counters will brighten up any game or learning activity. Kids love to hold and play with them.

Edx Aquatic Counters

Thermoplastic rubber ensures the durability and longevity of these counters. They will survive years of use by budding learners aged 3 and up.

Edx Aquatic Counters

This 84-piece set includes 6 colors and 14 animals: crab, dolphin, frog, lobster, octopus, penguin, seal, seahorse, shark, starfish, stingray, swordfish, turtle and whale. The set is packaged in a plastic jar for easy storage.

Edx Aquatic Counters

They make such a great gift for kids for the holidays!

Check them out on Aquatic Counters HERE and snag your kids this fun gift idea for the holidays.

Thanks to Edx Education for allowing us to feature this amazing toy in our Holiday Gift Guide!

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