Four Holiday Gift Ideas From Chatbooks!

Check out these four Holiday Gift ideas from Chatbooks!

Chatbooks Holiday Gift guide

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Still looking for a unique and meaningful gift for the holidays? Check out these four great gift ideas from Chatbooks! They are such a great gift for Moms, Grandparents, or new Moms. I love them and I make sure to make one each year for the holidays. I love to have something to save all the photos we took through out the year and a great way to capture the year.

Here are all my ideas! Scroll through to the bottom and you’ll find a code for 20% off to save on these gift ideas too! Just read through to the end for the code!

Chatbooks Holiday Gift guide

1. The Year Book:

2023 was one for the books—remember every moment with an affordable, high-quality Chatbooks Yearbook! Your family will love to reminisce over the big and little moments with a yearly photo book. This is a perfect gift for Moms, Dads, and families to capture all their memories from the year!

Chatbooks Holiday Gift guide

This is the one I’m getting this year below. They have such fun covers and you can fill them with as many photos as you’d like. Just keep in mind the more photos you put outside of what’s already included, the higher the prices will be.

Chatbooks Holiday Gift guide

2. The Baby Book:

Easily make your own baby photo book with Chatbooks. Their affordable, high-quality photo books are perfect for remembering vacations, weddings, birthdays, family photos, and more.  The perfect gift for new moms and dads! They can easily capture their favorite moments from pregnancy to the 1 year of being parents.

Chatbooks Holiday Gift guide

3. Holiday Photo Book:

Easily print your Christmas photo books with Chatbooks. These are perfect for remembering holiday vacations, weddings, birthdays, family photos, and more and they make the best custom Christmas book.

Chatbooks Holiday Gift guide

4. Classic Photo Book:

Easily customize and print an affordable, high-quality photo book. You can customize this book in any way and any theme you like. Like for some newlyweds or you can even make it into a family recipe book.

Chatbooks Holiday Gift guide

These are just four great gift ideas from Chatbooks! Check out the Chatbooks Website for all the awesome gift ideas they have to offer!

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Happy Holidays everyone!


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