Free Printable & DIY Foiled Galentine’s Day Cards!

Hey All!

Since you guys said you wanted more printables in our survey this year, I quickly designed these super cute and easy to make free printable Galentine’s Day cards! I took them up a notch by DIY foiling them! Check out these super cute Free Printable & DIY Foiled Galentine’s Day Cards! How fun are they folks?!!! They are perfect to hand out or mail to your gal pals! Since food makes my world go round, I decided to make them foodie themed this year. I remember when I was single food was usually my boyfriend around Valentine’s Day!

And honestly who wouldn’t love a cute little foiled card in a holographic envelope? I know I would!

Here is how to make them!

You can make these 2 ways and I’ve included both ways in your printable. First, if you don’t feel like foiling the cards, you can just print out the set with the wording already on them onto cardstock and cut them out and call it a day. No shame in your game girl!

If you’re up for the foiling challenge, you need to print out the cards that are blank with out the blank wording on then onto card stock. Take the sheet and the file with the black wording on it to your local printer and have them laser print the wording onto the cards. It has to be laser printed onto the cards. You can’t just use a regular inkjet printer. It has to be laser printed. I have a laser printer at home, so I printed both at home. If you have one at home, you can print out the blank card sheet from your regular inkjet printer and then feed the sheet through your laser printer to print on your wording.

How ever you decide to print them is the most difficult part and let’s be honest, it’s not difficult since you’re just printing or having someone print for you! You just need to make sure that black working was printed on with a laser printer.

Once your cards are all printed with the black wording from a laser printer, you then cut our your pieces of colored foil, in which ever colors you’d like, and then place it over the cards. You’ll then feed both the foil and the cards through either a laminator machine or your minc foiling machine. If you use a minc, you can place the card sheet and foil inside a plastic protective sheet before you feed it through. Either way you do it works fine!

You pull it out of your machine and peel off the foil and that’s it! You’re done! You cut our your cards with some scissors or a paper cutter and you’ll have yourself some super cute foiled cards! You can leave them with a white edge or cut all the white off like I did!

You can put them in these holographic envelopes with some cute candy and decorate the envelope with some Galentine’s Day stickers. I got these at Michael’s!

Look at how the card shimmers! How cute is that!

That’s really all you need for Galentine’s Day, pizza, ice cream, Netflix, BAES and some cute Galentine’s Day cards!

Hope you love these fun and easy to make free printable Galentine’s Day cards as much as I do!

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Happy Foiling folks!