Get Tangled in the TANGLED MOVIE GAME FOR NINTENDO Wii! Review!

Hey All!

I don’t know how many of you had a chance to see the Disney Movie Tangled, a new retelling of the classic story Rapunzel, but my family and I loved this film. The clever way Rapunzel used her hair and all the original music created for this film was amazing. The music was done by the same folks who did The Little Mermaid, and plenty of other old classic Disney Tales. It’s a fabulous movie that you should see with your family. Who knows how many more of these amazing Princess movies Disney will make, so you don’t want to miss any of them! I LOVED this movie and I know you will too. It was adorable! I digress…

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had received the Disney Video Game Tangled for the Wii in the Mail last week. This is a perfect way to relive the film at home as the game is just as adorable as the movie. This amazing game takes kids on a film-inspired, hair-raising adventure designed for the Nintendo Wii gaming system. In this story-based journey, kids will venture into a kingdom filled with colorful 3D environments, creative play, fun quests and competitive challenges. Kids will discover multiple activities, meet interesting characters, befriend animals and work as a team to help the unlikely duo of adventurous Rapunzel and swashbuckling Flynn with their comical antics.

Mastering unique abilities, players can swing into action as Rapunzel using her golden tresses, pull objects and climb, grow flowers in ”charm mode” and collect a variety of colors to draw and paint the Tower wall or collect sun drops to earn points. As Flynn, players can climb walls, clear obstacles, engage in sword play and discover hidden treasures using his ”Flynntuition”. In order to win challenges faster, players will need to work as a team, helping each other along the journey and collecting as many items as possible. This perfect game is Rated E for Everyone.

Tangled for the Wii is an amazing game in my opinion. It’s perfect for any kid or teen both girls and boys. Yes I said teen as my teen liked playing it! It’s really a fun game to play. The point of the game is to get Rapunzel back to her castle and to do this you must solve some puzzles along the journey to the castle.  You can play the game as Rapunzel or Flynn Ryder.  I think Rapunzel is amazing in this game as you can use her hair to swing things like trees and for a number of other things, while the character Flynn can use his sword to fight and break things open. 

There are also lots of other fun things you can do in this game. You can also Journey through a colorful 2D storybook adventure filled with comedy, discovery, and quests! Visit familiar locations from the movie including the Forest, Village, Snuggly Duckling, Rapunzel’s Tower,  and others!

It’s perfect for those little girls as you can even Brush Rapunzel’s hair in the game, paint Flynn’s wanted posters, and make cupcakes! And for the little boys and girls you can race goats and groom horses!

This game was really simple to learn to play and the kids in your home will love it! Every kid that has played it in my home, teen and as young as 6, has loved playing it.  If you or you’re kids loved the movie Tangled like we did, than this game is for you.  It’s really fun and entertaining and a great way to keep the excitement of the movie going some more at home until the movie comes out on DVD or Blu-Ray. We loved playing it and I’m sure you will too!

***Disclosure: I received this game to review for this post. I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. All opinions are my own.***