Go See Gnomeo & Juliet today! I did! It’s Amazing!

Hey All!

Gnomeo and Juliet came out this past Friday and I went to see it this weekend with my family. This movie is an amazing family friendly movie from Touchstone Pictures, which is part of Disney in case you didn’t know. It’s rated G! Perfect since it’s G for GREAT MOVIE AND GNOMEO! The Movie has everything you can want from a movie including great music from the AMAZING Sir Elton John! There are so many classic Elton John songs throughout the movie and you can even see a gnome version of Sir Elton John!

How amazing is that! If you remember Elton did the music for Disney’s the Lion King some years ago. Can you feel the love tonight is one of my favorite Disney songs ever! Elton John wrote a song for the movie called Love Builds a Garden that kind of reminds me of the song Can you feel the love tonight. Not because they sound the same, but because they are such touching songs. I digress…

Gnomeo and Juliet is the story of two feuding sets of garden gnomes. It’s, as I said in my previous posts about the movie, a remake of Romeo and Juliet told through the story of Garden Gnomes. It’s really original and unique the spin they took on telling this oh so familiar story. If you don’t know the story of Romeo and Juilet it’s the story of two kids from rival families who fall in love. In this movie the red gnomes are the Montague’s of the story and are found in Mr. Montague’s garden and the Capulet’s are the blue gnomes which are found next door in of course Ms. Capulet’s garden. Mr. Montague and Ms. Capulet live in a duplex and their homes are side by side making the war between families continue. The Duplex is also located on Verona street. Verona is the city in Italy where Romeo and Juliet lived if you aren’t familiar with Romeo and Juliet.

So of course both gnome families have an ongoing feud with one another. Romeo aka Gnomeo, who is voiced by James McAvoy aka Mr. Tumnus from Narnia, is from the blue gnome family and Juliet is the daughter of Lord Redbrick who is in charge of the red gnome garden, while Gnomeo is the son of Lady Blueberry, the ruler of the blue gnome garden. One day Gnomeo and Juliet accidentally meet and they end up becoming smitten with each other even after they discover they are from each of the feuding families. They don’t let that get in their way. It’s the forbidden fruit they’ve tasted and can’t resist. They want to be together and start their own garden and live happily ever after in a garden of Love. Literally!

I don’t want to spoil the whole movie for you, so You will have to see the movie to know if they end up tragically like Romeo and Juliet or if their is a twist to this movie and they live happily ever after. You really have to see this film to find out.

Again, Gnomeo and Juliet is really a movie the entire family can enjoy. People of all ages will love this movie since it’s a story they know. This movie is original, funny, it has great music, and great imagining of the timeless tale of Romeo and Juliet.

It gets 5 crowns from me! I highly recommend it!

**Disclosure: I was asked by Disney to share my opinion of the movie with my readers. I was happy to share my love of the movie with them. I was not compensated or paid in any way for my opinion. All opinions are my own.**