It’s Good To Feel Confident!

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Hey All!

Lately, I’ve been working a lot on my confidence. It’s something I realized I really have to work on, as I have a tendency to be down on myself. My main issue is, I compare myself to other people. It’s so hard to not compare yourself to other people and to just focus on what’s great and unique about you. It’s sometimes especially hard to be confident when you aren’t exactly happy with the way you look at the moment or where you are in life. I may come off as confident on social media and in all my pics, but it’s honestly a daily struggle. Yes, you do have to have some kind of confidence to put yourself out there each day like I do, but I have to do things to make myself feel confident on the inside and out. I thought I would share how I make myself feel confident with you today in order to hopefully help you build your confidence as well. We could all use a little help in this department right?! It’s good to feel confident!

First and foremost, I’m totally open and out there that I’m in a never ending struggle to lose weight. I’ve gained a ton of weight since I started blogging, because I sit at a computer all day. I’ve learned I have to love myself and my new curves.


I tell myself “It’s only temporary” because I know I will lose the weight. I embrace my size and make sure I dress up in fun outfits each day to accentuate my curves. I love fun prints and bright colors, as you can clearly see from these pics. I also have an obsession with shoes! Cute sparkly shoes are the best! Dressing up in clothing that I love makes me feel confident and people always notice when I’m feeling good in an outfit. I always get compliments on my outfits when I go out and it makes me feel good. Knowing I’m taking care of myself makes me feel good on the inside and out.

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I also like to make sure I take extra good care of my teeth. I have an unhealthy obsession with how my teeth look. I’ve never had braces and I’m always happy to hear the shock in peoples voices when I tell them that. I’ve always been told my smile and my eyes are two of my best features, so I always want to make sure my smile is always looking its best! When you go to as many events and take as many pictures of myself as I do, I have to make sure my smile is always camera ready.

Thankfully, I have Listerine to help me keep my smile looking great. I always use it after every brush and it makes my mouth feel so fresh and clean. Knowing my smile is looking great helps me feel confident and ready for the day. Putting on makeup, doing my hair, and giving myself some pamper time also helps me with my confidence. You have to do what ever makes you feel like your best self.

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I also notice, making sure I go to bed with a positive attitude and not stressed helps with my confidence. I try to just do my own thing and not pay attention to everything going on in the net. It helps to stay focused on myself and loving myself and my work. Focusing on loving myself makes me feel confident everyday!

These are all the things I do and focus on to make myself feel more confident with myself and my work. I’m sure if you do them as well, you’ll feel more confident in all that you do and about yourself as well!

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It’s sure to be a good time and you should definitely check it out! Dress up, do your hair, and head out for a girls day out with Listerine! It will surely make you feel good and you’ll get some samples to help you keep your smile looking great.

So, you’ve read what makes me confident, I’m curious to know…

What do you do to make yourself feel confident?