Happy Birthday To My Bubbly Baby!

Hey All!

Can you believe my bubbly baby is turning two this weekend? I can’t believe it! Two years has just flown by. It seems like only yesterday he was a little butter ball of a baby who was just learning to crawl. Time really does fly and it’s going by too fast for my liking. He’s so big now it’s hard to carry him at all. And sometimes he still wants to be carried. He’s basically half my size now and I’m a short person. He’s going to be tall I think.

I feel so blessed to have a happy and healthy boy. With these times we’re living in, I don’t take one day for granted that I get to spend with my baby boy. I love that he’s opinionated, vocal, and is so smart. He’s according to his doctor advanced for a 2 year old because he quotes words like hypotenuse and octagon. He knows the alphabet, can also count to 30, can count to 20 in Spanish and knows at minimum over 200 words. It’s nuts!

He’s obsessed with Daniel Tiger, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Pixar Cars, and Trains.

He loves to explore, take things apart and put them back together, dance, and sing! He’s much more into figuring out how things are made and how they work.

He’s a fun and goofy little guy and it’s my honor to watch him grow each day. I am thankful to have been blessed to be his mama and I thank my lucky stars  for each day I get to be with him. We love you baby boy and we’re so proud of smart adorable big boy you’ve become!

You’ll always be my Bubbly Baby even if you are a Bubbly Big Boy!