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As you all know I’m partnering with CVS Pharmacy to share everything I love about the pharmacy through out the year. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite Healthier Summer Pinic Snacks that I’m obsessed with from CVS Pharmacy! They have an amazing new variety of Healthy Snacks to choose from! I’m obsessed with their Gold Emblem abound and Gold Emblem line of products! And since I don’t want to suffer from any allergy attacks while I’m enjoying my healthy snacks, I’ll be sharing my favorite Allergy and CVS Health products too!

In case you didn’t know, CVS is offering even more “better-for-you” food options in there stores. They are including 27 (YES 27) new items under the exclusive Gold Emblem Abound™ product line. I basically ran out and bought a ton of it! I also love all the new healthier brands they are carrying now, including Alo Exposed Waters, EPIC bison bars and That’s It. bars! They will make up approximately 50 percent of all food options found throughout the store. Additionally, products that fit nutritional and dietary preferences including heart healthy, good source of protein, gluten free, sugar free, organic and non-GMO project verified, will be in the store and are highlighted with shelf tags! So keep an eye out for them if you want to plan your own picnic!

How amazing is that folks? I love it! It’s great to have healthier options to grab when you’re on the go or want to get some snacks for an impromptu rainbow picnic. Now you can get healthy snacks right where those candy shelves are when you check out! Enough raving about all the things new at CVS, Let’s get on to my new Healthier Summer Picnic Snacks!

I am obsessed with these GEA Fuji Apple Crisps and Fuji Apple & Cinnamon Crips! GEA stands for Gold Emblem abound, in case you didn’t know. GE stands for Gold Emblem.

I could eat a million of these Apple Crisps, but that would defeat the purpse of trying to eat healthier this summer. They are that good!

I also love having some good bars like a Pressed by KIND Bar, OATMEGA and That’s it. bars.

Some GEA Rice Pop Clusters make for the perfect picnic finger food!

I can also eat a whole bag of this GEA Heavenly Light Popcorn by myself! It is heavenly, just like the bag says! I take it to all my fun in the sun picnics. It’s such an easy snack to serve. I like to serve them in these little “YUM” cups if I have company with me. It’s a whole lot of yum in a cup!

Other bags of munchies I like to take to my picnics include these Jalapeño Cheddar Quinoa Puffs…

These GEA Goji Berry Blend Trail Mix and Plentils Lentil Chips…

And to satisfy my sweet tooth on the picnics, I of course bring the apple crisps, but I also have a bunch of other sweet treats that I love to bring with me on a picnic.

My hubby and I are both obsessed with these GE Mango Slices. We literally try to make this bag last for as long as possible, because we never want to be without these mango slices. We love all things mango!

My all time favorite candy is gummy bears, so I was thrilled to find these GE Gummy Bears. They are so much healthier than regular gummy bears. These are free from gelatin, gluten, fat, dairy, and artificial flavors and colors! They also taste amazing too!

When I’m going to be laying out in the grass, I need to make sure I have some allergy medicines on hand. I don’t want to have an allergy attack when I’m trying to enjoy my snacks in the sun, so I take some CVS Health Fluticasone!

I also take some CVS Health Allergy Relief and use some CVS Health Lip Repair to make sure my lips are protected from the sun. I also use sun screen all over my body, so that I don’t burn sitting out in the sun!

Before I munch on any of my healthy snacks, I like to make sure my hands are clean, so I carry this CVS Health Hand Sanitizer with me on picnics. It’s like the size of a pen, so it’s very easy to carry around at all times.

I almost forgot to mention the GEA Bars and Fig Bar, as two of my favorite sweet treats. I love OLOVES (Pitted Olives in Basil and Garlic flavor), as a small savory treat to take on a picnic!

I love heading out on a warm summer day to have a picnic and enjoy all my favorite healthy snacks.

It’s so great to have healthier options to munch on, as opposed to some unhealthy (often times artificial) snacks.

You can find healthier versions of your favorite snacks and treats thanks to CVS Pharmacy!

I could stay out all day at a picnic enjoying these tasty treats! Can you tell I love them in the photo below? I know that little dog behind me loved them just as much as I do, as he kept trying to steal my tasty treats!

There is nothing better than enjoying a healthy snack and relaxing outside, while playing a fun game of cards on a warm summer day!

I plan to do this all summer long! It’s time to have a more relaxing and healthier summer folks!

I hope you enjoyed this look at my favorite Healthier Summer Picnic Snacks! You should definitely head out to CVS Pharmacy and snag some for your own summer picnics. Don’t forget to use your ExtraCare Card Rewards and CVS Pharmacy App when you shop too!  They are offering more ways for customers to order products online and pick them up with CVS Curbside. You can also pay seamlessly via CVS Pay in the app, and even manage your ExtraBucks Rewards, personalized deals, and use manufacturer coupons, all from your phone. It’s always great to save on these amazing snacks when you shop and it cuts down on the paper use too!

Let’s try to be green and healthy folks! I hope you enjoy some fun summer picnics too!

I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy to help spread the word about #BetterHealthMadeEasy and how to #FindYourHealthy. All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.

Thanks for supporting the amazing brands like this that keep this Brite & Bubbly party going!



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