Holiday Gift Guide For Your Besties!

Hey All!

Christmas is around the corner and if you’re a late shopper, you still may be searching for a great gift idea to give your bestie. Thankfully, I’m hear to the rescue with a bunch a fun gifts you can have quickly shipped right to your door for your BFF. No need to run out like a maniac and deal with all the crazy crowds in department stores. I always recommend to shop small or shop on Etsy or online. You will save yourself a lot of time and stress. I’ve put together a list of 11 cute and fun gift ideas for your besties. Here they are below!

1. This cute HEART PIZZA SNOW GLOBE, because pizza love always unites besties and who doesn’t love Pizza!
2. Peppermint Candy Snow Tube From Big Mouth, Inc. It’s the new pool float of winter and who doesn’t want to go tubing with their besties!
3. This adorable Pink Lightbox from Brite Lite Tribe. It comes in Light blue too! And you can get accessories like Rainbow Pastel Letters and emoji accessories to go with it! I love these light boxes!
4. Our Rainbow Candy Cane pin because it’s beyond adorable and everyone loves a little candy flair gift.
5. Some Donut and Coffee Best Friends Sweaters. I’m sure your bestie is the donut to your coffee!
6. An Ice Cream Snow Tube, just in case your bestie is an ice cream-a-holic like I am!
7. A gold cactus Piggy Bank, because it’s a gold cactus! Need I say more!
8. If you’re friend has been naughty this year, let her show it proud with this adorable naughty stocking pin from MadeAuGold!
9.  How cute are these Care Bear mugs? One friend can have Grumpy Bear and one can have Cheer Bear.
10. Everyone needs a little flamingo in their lives, so why not this Pink Flamingo Drink Kooler from Big Mouth, Inc.
11. You can gift your besties the message all besties want on their doorstep with this fun door mat!

Those are my picks folks! Hope they helped you find at least one cute gift for your besties!

Happy Holidays!

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