How Do you Prepare for Holiday Photos? Shutterfly Can Help! #HolidayGiftGuide2011 #Holidays #Gifts

Hey All!

Can you believe it’s November already! I don’t even have my Holiday Cards done or even the pic for the cards done yet! It’s always so hard to pick the perfect picture for our Holiday Cards. Isn’t it nutty how when you have a family your Christmas Cards photo can make or break you. Some families take this very seriously. I try to not be too serious about it. We like to have fun with it and I have a teen so it’s a miracle that he still wants to do it anyway.

How do you chose your photo and how do you prepare for your photo? Do you pick a location or theme? We like to chose a day or experience we all had together that we loved and usually choose a picture for that day. Sometimes we like to plan for our photo and this is how we like to do it.

I like to get our friends who I know who take photographs professionally to do our photo’s. But you don’t have any photographer friends, you can always ask your friends for recommendations or check your favorite blogs for info. I like to Schedule the photo shoot when we’re all at our happiest. Like when I know we’ll be spending a day at the beach and we can schedule to take the photo there or when we get home.

We like to coordinate our outfits in the Photo, but we don’t wear matching outfits. I think that’s just tacky in my opinion. We usually like to just wear red or green. Christmas Colors if you know what I mean. We avoid patterned shirts and sweaters. We try to keep our outfits simple in our family. We want people to notice us as a family and not our outfits.

We don’t go all out for our photos location. We keep our location simple, like we’ll pose in front of our Star Wars Christmas tree or our fire place, on the beach, or on our couch sitting together with the dogs. That’s where we usually are so we like our picture to represent us.

That’s how we like to get our perfect pic. How do you like to do yours? We’re going to be getting our cards made at Shutterfly this year.

Shutterfly just fyi is planning “Family Photo Days” throughout November.   Their objective is to  drive inspiration around taking and creating a family photo (early enough so you can get it into a fantastic online holiday card).

If you are looking for a Christmas Cards that are perfect for the holiday season or you want a Holiday Cards that are super snazzy Shutterfly has you covered. If you are looking for more than just an average folded Christmas card this year check out Shutterfly for cards you can personalize with your own photo and writing!

Shutterfly also has cards for Hanukkah, New Years, Birthdays, and Graduations! I love Shutterfly and I know you will find the best Holiday card to go along with your great Holiday photo.

I hope my tips help you get a great pic this year! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

***Disclosure: I will be receiving 50 Holiday cards for this post from Shutterfly and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***