How We Celebrate Dads For Father’s Day!


Hey All!

Depending on your culture and if you celebrate Father’s Day, It can be celebrated in many different ways. You can take your dad out to dinner, take him on a shopping spree, or do something fun that he loves to do. Father’s day is the perfect opportunity to recognize everything he does. Whether you are getting together with all your family or spending quality time, this day is meant to honor and celebrate all the men in the family who are Dads or Father Figures. There are plenty of men out there helping to raise kids that aren’t even theirs folks. It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen my dad sadly as he lives in NYC and we live in Los Angeles. The last time I saw him was at our wedding and I’ve never seen him more happy in his life.

You probably can’t tell in the picture above since he never knows how to smile in pictures. lol. But we had a blast dancing the night away and laughing it up together. It was not only a celebration of me getting married, we also celebrated our parents who helped us put on the wedding and who with out them we wouldn’t be here today of course. While I can’t throw my dad a huge party this Father’s Day or even see him, I’m still going to celebrate him and virtually spend the day with him over video chat. We have two words we like to use to celebrate Dads being a Hispanic family. One word is Estrenar (because it’s very common to give dad a new shirt, grilling set, or speaker he can use that same day) and the second is Apapacho (because Dad gets to be spoiled with love and care for that specific day).


There is one store that me and my dad bond over our Insane love for and that is Target. I recently took him to Target with me so we could shop together for his Father’s Day gift. When I say took with me I had him on video chat so he could see me as I shopped at Target. My Dad is not one of those guys who likes surprise gifts. He likes to know what he’s getting or he likes to tell you what he wants.

Target has an amazing selection of gift ideas for Dad!


They even have whole Father’s Day themed sections! They always make it so easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. They have everything my Dad could ever want.


I of course picked out a card for him. I didn’t let him see which one since that’s the only thing I will keep a surprise regardless of what he says.


He loves to cook and he wanted a new skillet so I got him one. He picked the one he wanted and I bought it.


I also snagged him this cute little trophy I saw. He said I didn’t have to get him this kind of stuff but I don’t care and I got it anyway. I know he loves these kinds of things.


I got him a cute bag that says “Best Dad Ever” and it comes with a message keychain so you can personalize it and he have have something with him with a special message on it at all times.


There were so many amazing gift ideas at Target but here are my top Seven picks if you’re still looking for a great gift for Dad for Father’s Day!



1. Father’s Day Gold Trophy 2. Calphalon Kitchen Essentials Nonstick Omelette Pan 3. Best Dad Ever Gift Bag with Message Keychain 4. Best Dad Ever Silver Mr. Fix It Trophy 5. Gorham That’s Entertainment 2-piece Round Flask Set 6. Pineapple Shorts For When He Goes On Vacation 7. Superman boxers with a cape because good Dads are heroes!


I packed up his skillet, his gold trophy, and signed a personal message on his keychain.


I put it all inside the gift bag and I’m packing it up well and sending it off to NYC so he gets it in time for Father’s Day.


The rules are that he can’t open the box until I call him on Father’s Day and we video chat so I can see him as he opens it and it’s like we’re spending Father’s Day together!

I can’t tell you how much me and my dad love Target! It’s like our home away from home. I’m so glad I got him something he wanted and it’s never hard to find something my Dad wants at Target!

How are you spending Father’s Day?

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