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As you know I recently had the super AMAZING opportunity to personally interview Jason Segel & Nick Stoller of the upcoming Muppets Movie! I’m a huge Jason Segel fan so I was super excited to meet him and talk to him about the movie with my fellow bloggers who were also interviewing him with me.

Here are some of the fun question I asked him along with some that were asked by some of my fellow bloggers.

We saw your love of Muppets in Forgetting Sarah Marshall with the Dracula Musical. Will we be seeing any of those muppets making a cameo in the new Muppets Movie?

JASON SEGEL    :    Sadly they are not.  I know.  I tried really hard to get them in there but they’re different studios.  Hopefully they’ll make the return sometime when we do Sarah Marshall 2.  This time it’s personal. [LAUGHING].  Because it wasn’t personal enough last time.

Was Disney receptive to your idea when you approached them?

JASON SEGEL  :    They were very receptive to the idea of us writing a script.  You know at that point it becomes about kind of re-launching a giant franchise too, which is something.

NICK STOLLER  :    We’re not Johnny Depp.

JASON SEGEL   :    Yeah, exactly.

NICK STOLLER :    We have no experience in that.

JASON SEGEL    :    All of a sudden I mean we are, we’re writers you know.  We’re sitting in meetings about toys and rides, you know.  We didn’t have any experience at all.  Or at least I didn’t. You designed a few rides.

JASON SEGEL    :    I must say our executive at Disney, her name is Kristen Berg, she is, she loves the Muppets as much as we do.

NICK STOLLER    :    Her office is filled with Muppets.

JASON SEGEL    :    Yeah, it is, filled with Disney paraphernalia and Muppets.  And every image you have of like a studio executive who doesn’t quite get what you’re doing, she was the opposite.  She, she really did spearhead this alongside us.

What was it like working with the Muppets?

JASON SEGEL    :    I was saying before I got to do a lot of sitting which was nice.  Yeah, yeah, because I am a good like 2 feet taller than most of the Muppets.

NICK STOLLER    :    The hardest thing was not being like awestruck while filming.  So the way we handled that is we made it so that our characters were awestruck.  Make it very easy.  Can you do the face you do for us?

JASON SEGEL    :    Yeah, this is, this is my job in the movie.  I go like this a lot.

NICK STOLLER    :    Because he had to make sure you could see, like he could do that face.

JASON SEGEL    :    I feel like that’s how I’ve made my living is the face.  [LAUGHING]

NICK STOLLER    :    Or sad, embarrassed, sad, embarrassed.

The whole family can sit down and watch a Muppets movie.  When you were writing the script how conscious were you of keeping that throughout the movie?

NICK STOLLER    :    Yeah, I mean it was, it was kind of natural that it is just the tone of the Muppets and so there wasn’t, it wasn’t you know, because we both grew up on it, it wasn’t like we attempted to do that so much as a just naturally happened.

JASON SEGEL    :    Yeah, that, that just isn’t there to you.  We didn’t have to put much effort into it.  I was really inspired by Toy Story 3 as well in that movie hit on every level.  Kids are watching.  Yeah, it’s because kids are watching a movie about losing their toys.  And parents are watching a movie about losing their children.

NICK STOLLER    :    Afterwards my wife was like do you, do you cry so much because you miss your toys.  And I was like [LAUGHING] cause my daughter’s gonna leave me.  I was like–.

Is she like going to college soon or is she like 3?

NICK STOLLER    :    No, she’s four.

How was your first encounter with Miss Piggy and Kermit?

JASON SEGEL    :    My first encounter was at a table read in New York where they surprised us and brought the puppets out for the table read.  And when Kermit first spoke line that we had written I literally cried at the table read and they had to stop the table read for a second while I pulled it together.

NICK STOLLER   :    Shameful.

JASON SEGEL    :    It was because I’m a grown man.  I should be able to handle this.  This is also my profession.  But no, I cried like a little baby just for a second.  But it happened.

Who is your favorite Muppet?

NICK STOLLER    :    Um, I mean you always have to think Kermit first because that’s you know, he’s the best.  But, but then Beeker is my favorite.

Everyone’s favorite is Beeker.

JASON SEGEL    :    Yeah, Beeker’s awesome.

Is there more Beeker in the movie?

JASON SEGEL    :    There’s quite a bit of Beeker, yeah, absolutely.

There you have it folks. Lots of exclusives and Lots of Beeker await you in the New Muppets movie! Run out and get your tickets NOW! I got mine!

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