My Favorite Song, Cake, and Craft from #Disney’s #WreckitRalph!!

Hey All!

My New favorite song is Owl City’s “When Can I See You Again?” which plays during the end credits of WRECK-IT RALPH!

I kid you not this song makes me so happy every time the kids play it in the car. I confess I listen to the Wreck it Ralph soundtrack even when they aren’t in the car! I love the music of this movie and I love this song!

I love this song so much it’s even my ring tone!

Check out the music video below:

Also check out this amazing WRECK-IT RALPH inspired cake that pastry chef Ricky Webster created!

You can see all the pics on his Tumblr page!

Follow Ricky on Twitter @Ricky_Webster

And if you’d like to “Build Your Own Wreck it Ralph Fix it Felix Game Cabinet” with your family download this cute  activity by clicking the Image below!


Hope you run out and see Wreck it Ralph! I love this film and will see it as many times as I can with my family and you should too!

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