My First Weeks With Zubie!

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Hey All!

I recently had the opportunity to check out the new Zubie Key and Zubie smartphone app for the past few weeks and I’m happy to say I am very pleased with it! Not only is Zubie one of the hottest new tech products and services for 2014, but it can actually help you keep your New Year’s resolutions. Saving money is always at the top of our resolutions list and Zubie makes it easy to accomplish this.

How does it do this you ask? The Zubie service allows you to track and improve driving behavior and also provides you real- time information on the heath of your cars systems and conditions all with the easy-to-install Zubie Key and mobile app!

It monitors and tracks speeding, sudden acceleration, hard braking, vehicle location and more! It’s a great tool for families with teen drivers! You can make sure they aren’t driving too fast through the convenience of an app on your phone.

The Zubie was very easy to set up. It was also easy to install the app and get it all connected. If you have an iPhone you can just download the app directly from the App Store on your phone. It was downloaded in a few seconds and I quickly activated my account and set up my Zubie.

The App actually shows you how to install the Zubie into your car. It’s again was very simple and was up and running in about 20 minutes max.

Since having the Zubie it did let me know I was braking too hard, which has an affect on my brake pads. I also needed to get my car serviced because I may have a short some where in the car. When I took my car in it turned out to be an actual manufacturer recall defect causing the issue in my car and I would have never known it was there if Zubie hadn’t allerted me.

Zubie can truly save you money on car repairs and prevent breakdowns including low-battery alert and simple translations of engine codes.

Zubie is a service – not an Accessory – that uses a cellular connection to keep you, your car and it’s on-board systems always in communication.  Zubie always-connected service works with our free Zubie app for iOS 4+ and Android 2.3+

You too can have a Zubie New Year and order today with code SAVE20JANand SAVE 20% on one year of Zubie always-connected car service and a free Zubie Key. It’s a great way to use your Best Buy and Amazon holiday gift cards! Offer good through February 28, 2014. Shipping charges may apply.

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