Our Creative Way To Save Time & Money!


Hey All!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to go shopping unless it’s shopping for some cute clothes for me and the family or for some amazing shoes. There are plenty of other ways that I would prefer to spend my time, as opposed to deal hunting for some groceries or household items. It’s for this reason, I made sure we got creative in the way we shop. We decided we were going to buy certain household and food items in bulk. This way of shopping allows us the ability to save both time and money with the least amount of effort. I usually do one big shopping trip every two to three months for the items we buy in bulk.  I make sure to get at least 3 months worth of the items we buy in bulk. I know I’m a semi-hoarder, but anything that will save me time and energy works for me. Shopping this way allows me to get back to doing the fun things in life like playing with confetti!

To help us manage our bulk shopping stash, I created a fun printable that we post on the all outside our kitchen. It helps us monitor what we need to buy for our next bulk shopping trip. Yes folks this is my inventory list and shopping list in one. It’s of course very colorful. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


It lists all the items we buy in bulk and when one item has finally run out, we cross it off the list with an X. This marks it as something that will need to be bought on our next shopping trip. The pages are usually always filled with X’s around the same time. Once the list is almost completely covered in X’s, I take it down and simply use it as my shopping list. It has everything already marked and listed for me, so I don’t even have to think or search through our stockpile to see what we need to buy. It’s using no effort at it’s best! I find we also save money when we bulk shop, as I usually use promotions and coupons to get lots of items for free or super cheap. Since we buy in bulk, we don’t shop as often which also saves us money. Having this list and our bulk shopping stockpile is a win win all around.


I thought I would share with you our “Bulk Items List” in case you wanted to try this way of shopping or keeping inventory of the items you buy. I included the printable with the items we buy in bulk below. You can simply CLICK ON THE IMAGE below to download it.


I also included a blank list below, so you can fill it with what ever items you would like on your list.  You can download the blank version by CLICKING ON THE IMAGE below.


I know the one I printed out looks like a different color from the printable, but unfortunately our ink on our paper was running low. Another thing to add to the list on our next bulk shopping trip. As you can see I’m fully stocked on my Sparkle® Paper Towels. It’s a Messy World Out There.™ I need my paper towels to help me clean it up! I get a variety of the Sparkle® with a Hint of Color, the Sparkle® Just White, and the Sparkle® Spirited Prints. I sometimes just like to have fun prints on my paper towels.


With my stockpile, I never have to worry about having to run out for paper towels. I also love that they have a pick a size option. It allows me to use smaller pieces to clean with and this really stretches the time it takes us to use one roll. Our closets may be overflowing with all our bulk shopping items, but I’d rather have more time in the day than closet space. I shop in my own closet and that’s the perfect amount of effort for me! That is until I have to go bulk shopping again. Every two months always beats every week in my book.

These are just some of the ways I like to be creative with our shopping. Check out how About A Mom and The Realistic Mama save time and prioritize with their shopping. You can also find more brilliant household tips and tricks from Sparkle® Paper Towels HERE. You can also score $1 off coupon for Sparkle® Paper Towels HERE.

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It’s a messy world out there™. Saving money, and time with Sparkle® paper towels can help you spend more time on parts of life that matter more!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sparkle® paper towels. The opinions and text are all mine.