Our Family Spirit At Halloween!

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Minute-Maid-Orange-Juice Pumpkin-2

Hey All!

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, even above Christmas. I love how creative I can be with the foods we eat and the costumes I make for my family and me. I celebrate all month long and I do my best to make everything unique down to the way we sip our Minute Maid orange juice.

Minute-Maid-Orange-Juice Pumpkin

Yes folks, I turn our glasses into little pumpkin Jack­O­Lanterns, since the orange juice makes the perfect pumpkin color. I just cut out some pumpkin face shapes and stick them on to our juice glasses.

I make the pumpkin stem out of some green gumdrops and a skewer.

Minute-Maid-Orange-Juice Pumpkin-3

See it’s a pumpkin! The kidlets really get a kick out of it. It’s the little things that count and you don’t have to make anything perfect. It’s the thought that counts in my book.

I always make a variety of fun themed drinks and tasty treats for Halloween. We make them together as a family and it’s always a fun activity for all.


We also make our own Halloween costumes. It can be stressful sometimes to create some incredible handmade Halloween costumes each year, but we make do. I don’t sew, so I have to be very creative with how I make our costumes each year.

I find that’s the best part about Halloween, you can be extra creative with your family. You can come up with anything and try to make it a reality. I used to always worry about providing our kids with the perfect Halloween experience, But doing things like our costumes as a family has really relieved some of that stress. It’s supposed to be fun and not stressful. Parents need to remind themselves of that each year when the holiday comes around.

This year we came up with a variety of costumes. I made some emoji costumes for the dog and me.


One of the kidlets is dressing like a strawberry, by simply putting on some strawberry glasses and a red shirt.


I also made this pancake costume out of a hula­hoop for the dog and me, since no one else wanted to be a pancake!

Whatever costume I make for the family each Halloween, I always make sure we feel good about ourselves and we’re all comfortable in our costumes.
It’s not about being perfect on Halloween, it’s about having fun! None of us are perfect and we’re all #doingood with whatever we can do for our families to make the holiday special.

DIY Ladies and Dog Pancake Halloween Costumes

What really matters are those special moments you share with your child, your family and your local community whether it’s neighbors you love or classmates your child adores. We focus on this each year and I thought I would share this friendly reminder that you should too! Halloween is all about family fun times and coming together to do the things we love. Dressing up and getting down at our Halloween party with our friends and family is what we love.

Be sure to take a minute and tell another parent out there that they’re #doingood this Halloween! It might be exactly what they need to hear. Homemade costume, store bought costume, party or no party. We’re all parents and we’re all in this together!


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