Our Fun Valentine’s Day In A Box!


Hey All!

Are you looking for a fun idea on how to spend your Valentine’s Day, well look no further than our Valentine’s Day In A Box. I thought it would be fun to give my fiance’ a cute gift this year filled with all of our favorite things that we could enjoy for a date night at home for Valentine’s Day. Not everyone can afford lavish weekend getaways or expensive dinners, but you could get creative and put together a fun night with a few inexpensive things you may already have around the house that you love.


Since we have to have some kind of wine, put inside our box two little Sofia Mini Wine cans. I love the way they taste and we can easily cheers and throw our cans away at the end of the night!


I had to put in some Hershey Kisses as you have to have some chocolate on Valentine’s Day right? I also put in my donut lip balm as I have to keep my lips chap free as it is the day for lots of smooches. I of course had to put my donut in since I love donuts, but you can put in any lip balm or chapstick.


Put in your favorite romantic movie, some popcorn to pop, a few little decorations to celebrate, and of course some Valentine’s. I used my confetti Valentines that you can learn how to make here.


And that’s a fun little gift that includes everything we need to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home.


You can make your own Valentine’s Day in a box with any tin can or box by simply downloading this free printable below.


 I hope you enjoy this fun and simple idea for Valentine’s Day!