Our Rainbow Bubbly Baby Shower!

Hey All!

The moment you’ve all been patiently waiting for has finally arrived! We had our Rainbow Bubbly Baby shower a few weeks ago and it was everything I hoped it would be. I only wish it lasted a little longer! Today I wanted to share a million pics from our shower and share all the details on how I planned, designed and executed our fabulous shower all while 8 months pregnant! I’m crazy…I know. I’m just thankful I had friends and an amazing husband who helped me pull it off!

This is going to be a super long tons of photos filled post, so get ready! HERE WE GO!

Everything was rainbow since I’m the self proclaimed rainbow queen. We had rainbow decorations, treats, tableware, and favors. Everything had to match our rainbow colors and theme.

The rainbow colors came from our adorable plates from Oh Happy Day. I loved the colors of these plates and it served as our inspiration and color palette.  I also love that they had matching cloud plates.

Let’s start off with the treats. We had an incredible rainbow cookie cake that was made by the amazing ladies of Sugar Crush Sweets!

I requested every item on the cookie cake be edible.

They did an amazing job making sure this happened. They created little fondant baby strollers, bottles, and onsies in each color of the rainbow to go on the cookie cake.

It has amazing meringue clouds and accents, which are my favorite!

We took a million and two pictures of it before we ate it and it was beyond delish! My husband was even upset when we had to throw it out after a couple of days. I know what I’m getting him for his birthday!

Sugar Crush Sweets also made these amazing rainbow topped cupcakes…

Again everything was edible on the cupcakes and they were super tasty. We had cupcakes in addition to our cake for the kids. I figured it would be easier for the kids to eat some cupcakes as opposed to some cake.

Lastly, Sugar Crush Sweets made me this incredible giant rainbow topped cake for our shower.

It had buttercream clouds…

A little fondant baby sign on a rainbow of fondant…

A little fondant baby sleeping on the butter cream clouds…


Cookie rainbows…

And a giant rainbow fondant topper!

One side of the cake was vanilla confetti sprinkles cake and the other side was a blue velvet cake, since we’re having a boy! It truly was the most perfect and epic centerpiece for our dessert table.

We also had my friend Jennifer at Auntie Apple made these amazing rainbow cookies…

And draw in cookies for the kids. The rainbows matched the plates of course.

As you can see the kids loved drawing in the cookies with edible markers.

I decorated the sides of the dessert table with pop up rainbows, inflatable drink holder rainbows and rainbow sprinkle confetti, and various bright colored rubber ducks and unicorn rubber ducks.

I also had confetti filled baby bottles on the table. I used the inflatables to hold the cups with the utensils and the edible food color markers for the cookies. I also filled one up with some fake rainbow flowers and succulents.

It looked super cute in my opinion and the perfect out of the box way to use these drink floaties.

I couldn’t drink, but I didn’t want to stop my friends and guests from drinking. I set up a fun rainbow filled DIY Mom-Mosa bar so our guest could make mimosas with.

We set up a jug of orange juice…

Instructions on how to make one…

And a bucket with some bubbly and a tray with some fruit garnishes.

We also had cups filled with rainbow straws and stirrers.

The bar was also decorated with all the same decorations as the dessert table with the addition of these fun baby shower game napkins and stork napkins.

I got these napkins at party city and they were so much fun to play at our baby shower.

Out back we had our non-alcoholic drink bar and food set up.

We had yummy catering from Portos, a Cuban restaurant and bakery here in Los Angeles that both me and hubby love. It’s the closest thing I can get to food like I get back home in NYC.

We decorated with rainbows, blue paper pacifiers, and “It’s a boy” balloons.

We had drinks for the kids thanks to the amazing folks from Good2Grow Juice Drinks!

They were Star Wars themed and the kids couldn’t get enough of them. They truly are the best drinks for kids at any party!

My friend Laura of Pixsweet designed some amazing flamingo popsicles for our guests to enjoy at the party. How amazing are these popsicles folks? They not only look amazing, they taste amazing too! They can basically turn anything into a popsicle and it’s awesome! She brought an adorable popsicle cart to the event and handed them out to our guests.

They were a huge hit especially since it was a warm summer day. Nothing beats a yummy cold popsicle on a warm summer day!

I loved them and couldn’t get enough of them!

We had a gifts table complete with diaper raffle…

We gave away a lot of fun prizes!

We had our sign in guest book table table complete with rainbow piñata welcome sign. Hanging out front was this amazing “Bubbly Baby” banner my friend Christine of Lula Flora Designs made for the baby shower. How cute is that folks?!!!

We didn’t have a guest book, we had guest blocks four our guests to sign. This is a fun idea for a baby shower. You can put the signed blocks in your nursery for a super cute personal decoration for the baby.

We also had our rainbow baby shower games on this table.

I filled my Oh Joy for Target “HI” vases with fake rainbow flowers and succulents as well.

I think that covers all the food and decorations.

I had a blast hanging with all my friends who I haven’t seen in some time since I’ve been so crazy planning for the baby.

My best friend Lorna even flew out for the shower and she helped me get everything set up at the shower as well.

The venue was the Coop! This was the Studio City location and I had been to events there many times before and loved the space.

The venue requires that you wear socks inside, so hence why we’re all in our socks. I joke that I’m going to have a Superman looking baby with blue eyes and black hair, so hence why I’m wearing Superman socks.

My awesome Doula and friend Laura from Mama Bird Postpartum even showed up and gave us the cutest baby gift! She’s an awesome Postpartum Doula if you’re looking for a Doula in the Los Angeles area.

The kids had a grand old time in the ball pit.

All us adults had fun eating, catching up, and playing baby shower games.

We turned the shower games into a raffle and gave prizes out for our top scorers.

We took our baby shower games very serious folks!

My hubby wore his “Dad to be” ribbon the whole event…

And I wore my rainbow “Mom to be” sash…

And “Baby Mama” headband.

I was all about my rainbow baby shower outfit.

At the end of the shower, we placed our party favors on the guest book table. We had a lot of gifts for our guests.

We had bun in the oven candles that smelled like little cinnamon buns…

We had these cute rainbow candy kabobs made by my friends at Sweets Indeed! I put on each colorful rainbow thank you for coming card on myself by hand with that adorable rainbow stripe ribbon I found on etsy. The cards were provided by my amazing friends at Minted!

How cute are these folks?!!! They fit our theme perfectly and some of the kabobs even had blue baby boots on them.

We also gave out candyfetti from Sweets Indeed! Unicorn Candyfetti to be exact, because hello rainbows!

We cut the cake and ate our yummy desserts…

And then took a million pictures with our amazing cascading rainbow balloon backdrop by my friend Gray from Party Divine. He did the balloons for our wedding and the sip and see I hosted earlier this summer. I was so happy to have him back. He does amazing work! We needed to work fast during the set up for the party as we only had two hours to set up everything for the party. He made it happen and the balloons looked awesome.

That’s a look at our rainbow bubbly baby shower! Here are some more photos from the event! My friend Calli did the photography for me, since she’s an awesome photographer if you’re looking for one in the Los Angeles area! I can’t thank her enough for capturing all the fun!

I hope you enjoyed all the details and having a look at our shower. I wanted to go big for my baby shower since I never had a bridal shower for my wedding. This was me making up for it and I had a blast.

Thanks for braving through this super long post and I hope you loved our shower as much as we did!

You can find all things Bubbly Baby related including our rainbow nursery HERE!

Now we wait for our little man to arrive!