Our The Avengers Family Fun Night! #MarvelAvengersWMT #Cbias #Disney

Hey All!

As you know we’re big Marvel’s The Avengers fanatics. We’re such big fans Marvel took notice and chose us to go to New York and meet The Avengers when the move was premiering. We can’t wait until tomorrow for the release of The Avengers on DVD and BluRay! They have an exclusive Blu-Ray/DVD/Comic Combo Pack at Walmart that comes with a limited edition comic! Like the one you see below! It’s amazing and they only made a small amount of these comics so make sure you run out and get your combo pack tomorrow to ensure you snag one!

This is such a big event for us that we wanted to have a little party to celebrate The Avengers with some family, friends, and fun. I of course went to Walmart to get our party supplies and food. I used the Augmented Reality App to trigger special Avengers activities on my iPhone while shopping. You can see my entire #MarvelAvengersWMT  shopping experience and which Avenger I turned out to be while using the App in my Google Plus Album.

We got lots of goodies for our party on this shopping trip as the store was filled with Avengers stuff every where you went! From cups….

To Pizza…

To lots of fun toys for the kids that would be perfect for Christmas! Each display that had the Avengers on them you could use the App on and play the game to discover which Avenger you were. You can see the display on each side has a different character and you have to scan at least 3 characters and answer 3 different questions as you scan to find out which Avenger you are.

I turned out to be Tony Stark Iron Man! Yay! Since he’s my fav! My teen turned out to be Hulk which is perfect since he likes to smash!

We got our party supplies and food and headed home to get ready for our party! I got the table ready and got to cooking!

The table was filled with chips, cups, plates, and of course The Avengers candies!

I think the table and decorations looked amazing!

The pizza’s in particular were a fabulous addition since they have The Avengers on them!

My Favorite had to be the Avengers cupcakes I made with chocolate almond frosting!

The masks…

And party favors were a huge hit!

I of course wore my Avengers Toms through the party! Both the kids and adults at the party had a great time! They did not want their kids plastered all over the internet so I respected their wishes and did not include photo’s of their kids in my party post.

We’re so excited for this movie to come home with us so we can watch it another 10 times! We saw it 10 times in the theater and we can’t wait to own it tomorrow! Run out and pick up your copy of The Avengers this Tuesday, September 25th!

You can also Join the celebration online at The Avengers Twitter Party! They are giving away four – $100 Walmart gift cards!

TIME:   1:00 – 2:00pm EST
TWEET GRID: http://cbi.as/marvelavengers
HOSTS:  @AgentM and @tsue1136


To learn more about the Avengers check out @Marvel on Twitter and follow the hashtags #MarvelAvengersWMT! You can also find more info on the Marvel Facebook page.

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