Printable Flamingo & Colorful Candy Wrapping Paper With Gift Tags!

Hey All!

I’m hitting you with some last minute holiday posts all the way until Christmas eve! We’re catching up on a bunch of work we fell behind on due to the fires here in California. Today w’ere bringing you this fun Printable Flamingo & Colorful Candy Wrapping Paper With Gift Tags! I love that the gift tags match the paper. It’s something that’s very on trend this Christmas. I actually worked on this with my designer gal pal Jade Boylan last year and never got to share them! She really knows how to bring to life what I envision. They are a super cute and fun way to wrap those gifts this year.

Who doesn’t love free wrapping paper folks?! I know I do!

Here is how to print it out!

  • Download the three files for the wrapping paper and gift tags HERE!

  • If printing at home you’ll need a printer that can handle large sheets or paper and white cardstock. If you don’t have a printer like this you can take the files to your local Fedex or Printing Shop to have them print them out for you.
  • Scissors
  • Magic Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Standard Hole Punch

First you print out your wrapping paper. I took mine to a Fedex aka Kinkos to print out.

I printed the gift tags at home on some cardstock and cut them out with scissors. I punched a hole where the white circle is on the gift tag and pulled a ribbon through. I wrapped the gifts with my printed wrapping paper, tied ribbon around the gifts, and tied my gift tags to the ribbon. I lastly curled the ribbons with my scissors.

That’s it! You have yourself some super cute printable wrapping paper and gift tags for the holidays!

I hope you love these papers just as much as I do!

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