Spooky Halloween Fun At The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor!


Hey All!

I love Halloween and all the spooky activities I get to do with my family. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to have some spooky Halloween fun at The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor! It was my first time ever visiting the Queen Mary and they just unveiled a spectacle of new attractions that include two brand new mazes, the new The Voodoo Village, and an Exclusive Encounter on board the infamous ship. Beloved veteran characters including The Ringmaster and all grotesque spirits of the Queen will make a chilling return for 20 nights of delightful terror amidst freaks, food, and live entertainment.


What makes the Queen Mary so scary is that it is potentially really haunted. It’s been featured on many ghost hunting shows I watch on TV.  I was both excited and scared to step foot on the Queen Mary! I am afraid of those Ghosts! I’m not a ghostbuster in any way!

Queen-Mary-Black Carpet

I walked the black carpet and headed to the two new death-defying mazes took guests through never before visited areas of the ship and replaced the former Hellfire and Containment mazes.


In addition to new mazes, Dark Harbor  features the new Voodoo Village with dark magic gypsies that will taunt guests passing by in a setting wrought with shrunken heads, voodoo dolls and the feared Voodoo Queen. Also breaking ground at Dark Harbor in 2014 will be the Exclusive Encounter aboard the Queen Mary ship that will require a signed waiver to participate. This new, exclusive experiment in horror puts guests in an intimate and frightening setting that will leave a lasting impression jarring extreme fear.


The B340 Maze was very scary. I kid you not. You’re in the dark on a potentially haunted ship inside a spooky maze that goes through actual hallways of the ship and the hallways are filled with crazed characters who’s sole job is to scare you. It truly will give you the scares you’re looking for.


The horror and gore are not for the faint of heart in these mazes. I mean this scene in the B340 Maze looked insanely real and like a crime scene!


The new Exclusive Encounters maze on board the Queen Mary will take a very limited number of thrill seekers on a terrifying top secret paranormal journey through the depths of the ship that have never been open to Dark Harbor guests before. Those who dare to voyage on an Encounter will be so brave they will have to sign their life away and hope that they return safely to land. Seriously they make you sign a waiver before you go through the maze as you’re taken down to the engine room and you even have to climb through a portal in the ship to get there. It’s cray cray but scary good fun!


The all-new Monster Midway will be where guests, zombies, food, and entertainment intertwine. The Midway will act as the centerpiece of Dark Harbor and welcomes back the Freakshow, exposing even more freaks than ever before including the harrowing Beast. There is also a Hookah Lounge in this area.


They also shockingly enough have a ride that used to be owned by Michael Jackson on the Neverland ranch.


We of course rode it as how many times will you get the opportunity to actually sit where Michael Jackson sat? Never!


The Ghouls were out in full effect on this launch of Dark Harbor. Dark Harbor will also feature stage shows that spotlight timeless characters as well as the fresh presence of the feared Voodoo Queen (seen below) and her lackeys. LED hula hoopers, live musical entertainment, costume contests, holiday celebrations, and drag shows will enhance the spine-tingling experience.


Some freaks and ghouls gave me an awesome fright, but of course stopped to take a selfie with me.


This guy was by far the freakiest of the freaks as he stuck a nail up his nose and pulled it out. It was insane!!!


The one ghoul I was happy to find was the spooky captain. I helped the captain get back to his haunted ship of course.


The Monster Midway, Freakshow, Mechanical Monster, The Ringmaster and all of the terrifying spirits of the Queen lurk around amidst freaks, food, and live entertainment.


It’s spooky good fun as there is a scare at every turn and who wouldn’t want to eat at the Body Parts BBQ. A zombie dreams of this restaurant I’m sure.


The terror at Dark Harbor began October 2 and runs for 20 haunted evenings through November 2 from 7 p.m. to midnight. Ticket prices start at just $20 online, with Fast Fright, VIP Passes, and lodging packages available. Season passes are also an option for optimal adrenaline seekers. For more information, or to purchase tickets online, visit www.queenmary.com/dark-harbor.


For more information visit www.queenmary.com/dark-harbor.


I was solely invited to attend the media opening of this event. All opinions are my own.