The Boxtrolls Take Over Universal Studios Hollywood!


Hey All!

I was recently invited to one of my favorite theme parks Universal Studios Hollywood to check out the new Boxtrolls Magic Mirror at the CityWalk AMC, Check out some footage from the film, and to meet the Boxtrolls in Universal Studios.


We started with the mirror and footage.


The Boxtrolls Magic Mirror at AMC Citywalk brings people into the intricate, handcrafted stop-motion world to meet the Boxtrolls, the lovable little sewer-dwelling stars of LAIKA’s new movie.

The Magic Mirror will live in the lobby of AMC Citywalk through the film’s release and acts as a portal into the Boxtroll Cavern. Upon standing in front of the mirror, you are greeted by a Boxtroll who leaps out and mimics your motions. You jump, he jumps. You wave, he waves. If you flex your muscles, he’ll show you his with a grunt. The Boxtrolls will even try to copy the expressions on your face. Your movements are tracked using Microsoft’s Kinect, which is hidden in the ornate frame that houses the mirror.

boxtrolls mirror

It’s super fun for kids to do as the Boxtrolls are so adorable. The footage we saw was also great and I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts on the film and my interviews with the cast and film makers.

We then went into the park which is amazing this time of year. If you’re in the Los Angeles area Universal Studios is the place to be! We waited for the Boxtrolls to arrive.


While I waited I picked up a huge pink donut near the Simpsons ride. Yes it’s that huge as you can see in comparison to an iPhone! I had friends to help me eat it luckily!


The Boxtrolls finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to snap my picture with them.

the boxtrolls

Victory was mine and I got to meet the Boxtrolls! You can meet them too if you head to Universal Studios Hollywood this Summer!


The Boxtrolls are super cute and really showcase their joy and fun in real life, just as they do in the film.


Check out The Boxtrolls getting down at Universal in the video below:



Universal Studios Hollywood and The Boxtrolls are the perfect combination of Summer Fun!

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