The Dyson Hot + Cool™ Bladeless Heater & Fan For The Holidays!




IMG_9735Hey All!

Are you looking for the perfect home gadget to give your family and home this holiday season? Well look no further than the Dyson Hot + Cool™ Bladeless Heater & Fan! I love Dyson products in general as I also own Dyson vacuums, but I’ve always wanted a bladeless fan and heater in my home.


Santa came early as I was lucky to get the AM05 model, which is Dyson’s new bladeless fan heater. It provides the fastest whole room heating in winter, and high velocity cooling air in the summer. It’s perfect to be used all year round. Now you don’t need to have both a separate portable heater and a fan, this does the job for both.


How it works:

Using Air Multiplier™ technology and a motor engineered for greater airflow, AM05 draws in six gallons of air per second via a mixed flow impeller. Air friction is reduced using nine asymmetrically aligned fins, with rows of tiny holes. This helps maintains constant smooth airflow.

In heater mode, two Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) ceramic plates heat the air as it’s projected into the room. The air is then accelerated through a tiny aperture set within the loop amplifier. This creates a jet of air which passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp angled at 5˚. Creating an area of low pressure behind the fan, air is drawn in through a process known as inducement. Surrounding air is drawn into the airflow in a process called entrainment.


It’s also very energy efficient! Dyson Hot + Cool costs approximately 30% less to heat a whole room than conventional fan heaters, and can lower energy bills by 20% if used with air conditioning[1]. An intelligent thermostat, maintains the temperature between 33º and 99º Fahrenheit. When it hits the desired temperature the machine turns itself off, but if the thermostat senses a drop in temperature it turns back on.

It’s also safe to use! Low surface temperatures throughout and no visible heating elements. And if tipped over, the machine has been engineered to automatically shut off.

It also comes with a fabulous little Remote Control so you can power it with out having to get up. Turning the AM05 on and off, adjusting temperature, airflow rate and controlling oscillation can be done easily from across a room. The remote control is curved and magnetized to store neatly on top of the machine.


It’s truly one fabulous device! I’m in love with it!


If you’re looking for a great gift to give a family or anyone who loves Dyson products I highly recommend you check out the Dyson Hot + Cool™ Bladeless Heater & Fan!


I solely received this product to feature in the holiday gift guide. All opinions are my own.