The Kia Sorento! Our Official Car For Comic Con! #ComicCon #Kia

Hey All!

As you all know I went to Comic Con 2012 this year with my family and I’m happy to say Kia was kind enough to send me a beautiful Sorento to get us to Comic Con and to be the official The Queen of Swag Car of Comic Con! It was amazing and darn beautiful, in true Kia fashion.

This car was the perfect road trip car and the perfect car for Comic Con. Why do you say that Vanessa, you ask? Well I say this because, if you are going on a trip to Comic Con you are going to need space first and foremost. You need space not only for your family and luggage but for all the swag you get at the convention! And trust me you get huge bags of it. This Sorento is a crossover so it’s got space covered.

We turned the car into what we call the Queen of Swag Kia Mobile while we driving! And we took to the open road to San Diego in our AMAZING Kia Sorento!

It also has an amazing media system that has everything from a built in navigation, to blue tooth mobile phone capabilities, to Sirius Satellite Radio. So essentially everything you need to get you to your destination as well as everything you need to keep you entertained while you get there!

It also has dual ports and of course a usb port for any Iphones like mine! It also comes with it’s own special usb cord that allowing you to use the usb port to input the media from your phone as well and charge your phone as you drive. It also allows you to talk on your phone through the speaker system using blue tooth, so you don’t get distracted trying to answer your phone while driving.

You can simply answer your calls or control your media right from your steering wheel! It’s such a handy feature!

It also had a lot of storage for and tons of safety air bags every where on this car. It’s very secure and dedicated to safety.

There’s an amazing amount of cargo space in the trunk area and a handy netting to keep everything in place as you drive.

I also loved that if you needed to fit more people there is a hidden third row of seats in the trunk area, so you can fit about 7 people easily in this car! You simply lift up these two handles and the seat pops out!

There are of course bottle cup holder and air conditioning vents for those 3rd row passengers of course.

It too, like the other Kia’s I’ve tried, has the keyless push button ignition where you simply push a button to start the car! You only need to be carrying your key cain controller to get the car to start with the push button. It won’t start unless it knows that key chain controller is in the car. The one feature I became obsessed was it the side view mirrors as they moved when you parked so you could see the curb and they also move inwards when you turn the car off, so no one hits them when you’re parked.

And I also loved that the door handle had a button on it that would lock the entire car if you for instance don’t want to dig in your purse for the keys to close the car.

The KIA Sorento’s gets great gas mileage unlike other SUV kind of vehicles. The Kia Sorento is the perfect car for family travel trips as well as the perfect car for families in general! I loved it and I’m not a huge SUV kinda gal, but I did love this car as it’s so unique in comparison to other SUV’s!

It was the perfect car for Comic Con and it brought back my family and all our swag in one piece! Thank you Kia! It was sad to see it go!


***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I received this car from Kia to review and I am sharing this for the benefit of our readers. All opinions are my own.***