The Perfect Unique Father’s Day Gift Idea!

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Hey All!

For Father’s Day, I wanted to get my husband a gift that was unique and that he could actually use often. He helps me so much with the baby and deserves a great gift for Father’s Day. That’s why I was thrilled to partner with Primo® water to get him the gift of a Smart Touch Deluxe Bottom Loading Water Dispenser for Father’s Day! It’s something he has wanted for a long time. Now that we have a baby, we’ve been really concerned about the water we drink. We formula feed, so we need to mix the formula with water. We never use tap water or drink tap water. We worry too much about whether it’s safe to drink or not. Tap water has the potential to have all kinds of contaminants in it. We never want to take the risk with our baby!

I gave him his Father’s Day gift early and in case you can’t tell by the photos, he’s thrilled. There was no way to really hide it, so I had to give it to him! We were using lots of bottled water to mix the baby’s formula and to drink water ourselves. It wasn’t the most eco-friendly, which is another thing that is important to us. We’re trying very hard to be more earth friendly in everything that we do and the products we buy. We want to make sure there is a healthy future planet for our son and for his children one day. With this Smart Touch Deluxe Bottom Loading Water Dispenser, we are taking a step in that direction by only filling our reusable water bottles at Primo Refill Stations at our local grocery stores. I was excited and surprised when I found out that each 5-gallon Primo water bottle saves up to 1,100 single-use bottles from the landfill. That really puts it in perspective!

It came with detailed instructions and a magnet to hang on our refrigerator so we will always remember when we need more water. It was so easy to set up that I did set it up myself. I wanted to have it ready to go in order to surprise him when he got home from work.

I went to an Exchange Water location to pick up our first pre-filled water bottle. I got the 5 gallon bottle. You can find an exchange water or a refill water station by using the handy Primo Store Locator!

I removed the cap from the bottle, cleaned the white probe with soap and water, made sure it was completely dry and clean, and then pressed the probe down into the bottle opening.

I slid the bottle in, as this is a bottom-loading water dispenser. I love that because there is no way I can lift this huge bottle of water over my head safely!

It has a convenient ramp on the bottom of the dispenser that makes it even easier to slide your water bottle in.

You plug it in and turn on the hot and cold buttons at the back. You let it get to work for about an hour and you’re ready to go!

They also recommend you dispense of two pints of water from the cold, cool, and hot spouts before drinking when you first set it up.

The second he got his hands on it he couldn’t wait to put it to good use. We can taste the difference in the water, as Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process.

Exchange and Refill Water are also both purified through a water treatment process. Purification includes filtration, reverse osmosis and sterilization. Exchange water includes added filtration, mineral addition and ozonation (for safety and freshness).

That’s why we’re more than comfortable to fill the baby’s sippy cups and bottles with this water. The Primo dispensers allow for hot and cold water; certain dispensers provide ice-cold, cool, warm and hot water. You can definitely find a dispenser that is right for your family!

My husband also had a goal to drink more water this year and this gift is helping him do just that. Adding a water dispenser to your home results in families drinking 25% more water! Cheers to that!

We’re already drinking more water since it arrived! We both love how cold it makes the water. We also love the smart touch buttons on this dispenser. It is almost like a touch screen. You don’t have to worry about kids messing with the dispenser. It has smart touch controls that feature a child lockout function that prevents any accidental dispensing. This is key with a baby in the house.

Ever since we got it, I feel like I always see him filling up a glass, reusable water bottle or canteen with water. It’s so great to see him using a gift that he really loves and finds helpful.

When the bottle inside runs out, we simply head to one of Primo’s indoor or outdoor refill stations to refill our water bottle at a Primo self-service water station. Ours is literally located across the street from us! Simply refilling our bottle is definitely more eco-friendly and it’s much easier to do that trying to recycle a million plastic individual bottles a month. To take advantage of the refill option, you’ll want to order a non-spill cap from the Primo website when you order your dispenser. This keeps the water from spilling when you bring home the newly-filled bottle.

Primo water is also commonly found at stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Kroger or similar grocery store. The best way to find one near you is to use the Zip-code locator on the Primo website. Dispensers are also available at stores like Walmart, in addition to the Primo website.

This is probably the best Father’s Day gift I’ve given him. It’s honestly the gift that keeps on giving and it’s a gift that actually benefits our whole family. It makes all our lives so much easier with the baby and it’s nice to always know where our drinking water is coming from.

If you’re looking for an amazing gift to give that special Dad in your life, I highly recommend you check out the Primo water Smart Touch Deluxe Bottom Loading Water Dispenser for Father’s Day! Drink Big. Drink Healthy!

Use promo code WATERGOALS25 which provides 25% off a dispenser, FREE fast shipping + a FREE coupon will be mailed for 5-gallon bottle of Primo water and another will be in the box when delivered.

Take advantage of this amazing sale on this unique eco-friendly Father’s Day gift! My husband loves it and I’m sure your special Dad will love it as well!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Primo.

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