The Smurfs on Dvd/BluRay Now! #Smurftastic for the #Holidays! #HolidayGiftGuide2011


Hey All!

In case you didn’t know the The Smurfs have come back in 2011 in an all new live action movie starring Neil Patrick Harris and it’s very nostalgic for me as I used to love the Smurfs when I was a kid!

Now you can celebrate the holiday season with The Smurfs on Blu-ray 3D and DVD as well as a 3-Disc Holiday Blu-ray/DVD Gift Set that you can get at Walmart that comes with a little Plush Smuf as well. This film is adorable. The Smurfs are so darn cute I just want to eat them, not literally but you know what I mean. The movie has the Smurfs in the BIG CITY of New York in the middle of Central Park when the evil Gargamel has chased them out of their village. The go on a great adventure through the city to stop him!

Along with the DVD/Blu-ray’s special features, The Smurfs will offer UltraViolet, a technology which enables Blu-ray owners to add the film to their free cloud-based UltraViolet Digital Accounts.  Once added, the film can then be streamed or downloaded anywhere access to the internet is available.

The Blu-ray version will also include Smurf-O-Vision: Second Screen Experience, where the Smurfs interact with you on your television, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.  During the film, the Smurfs will appear on-screen to sing and dance.

You can also get three free apps called Smurfs’ Village and Smurf-O-Vision that will have adults who love the Smurfs and children making smurfberries, interacting with Gargamel, and I enjoyed these apps and have them. And the kids in my house have a blast on them too. And the free app GoldRun allows you to take pictures with your favorite Smurf characters.


Sony Pictures will also include on the BluRay Holiday Gift Set The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol.  I LOVED this little film as it combines 3d CG new animation and old school traditional animation, like the Smurfs originally appeared on TV all those years ago! This film is a Christmas Carol except this one stars Grouchy Smurf who’s Bah Humbug attitude will destroy The Smurfs and their Christmas if he doesn’t change. He receives visits from the Smurfs of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, who are all played by Smurfs like Smurffet. It was a great film that any child will enjoy along with the film.

I learned about all these amazing features at an amazing Smurf event I attended last week. It was filled with LIVE Smurfs.

Lots of tasty treats.

And life size Smurfs. If you didn’t know a Smurf is supposed to be 3 apples high. I love this picture. I so wanted to take one of these home!

And of course lots of swag! And you know I love my swag and the kids loved it too!

You can see all my pics from the event HERE IN MY GOOGLE PLUS ALBUM and you can find out MORE about the Smurfs by visiting their WEBSITE and you can download the SMURF O VISION APP HERE!

The Smurfs on DVD and BluRay would make a great gift for the Holidays!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I received a review copy of this film and attended an event for it and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***