Traveling By The Year 2030!

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Hey All!

Do you ever wonder what it will be like in the future? I do and I imagine it to be very high tech. By 2030 I envision we’ll be vacationing in space, kind of like you used to see on the cartoon the Jetsons. You would finally have flying cars to rent on vacations and I also like to think robots and holograms would take part in some way. I know in every movie I’ve seen of the future, robots and holograms of figures are always there. They’ll be acting like a pilot for our vacations or even the bell person or concierge at the hotel. It will be a future where everything is mostly taken care of by technology. It’s a good thing and bad thing in my opinion. I watch too many movies to completely trust robots with everything in my life! lol.


I’m apparently not the only one who thinks like this! In a new survey released by Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase, Americans were asked to imagine the near future and predict what the travel experience could look like by the year 2030. The answers they got were pretty much like what I imagine the future to be like.


Here are some of the answers below and my thoughts:

Hologram Personal Trainers: 37% of travelers think a hologram of a personal trainer will help them get their exercise.

(I could totally see people in a large room taking a yoga class from a hologram. The hologram would be at the head of the room and still walk around the room to monitor people’s form.)

Space Travel: 35% of those surveyed believe it’s a possibility to travel to a destination in space–with men more likely to make this prediction than women (40% vs. 29%).

(See! I told you so! Space is the place every one wants to vacation. I imagine mars will be the most sought after vacation spot that everyone wants to visit. They will have red planet resorts that will be lavish and very pricey.)

Transatlantic Trains and Flying Cars: Travelers are skeptical that transatlantic trains (26%) and flying cars (24%) will become travel options by 2030.

(Ever since I saw my first futuristic movie, I’ve always wanted to have or try a flying car. It’s the one thing I do hope comes out in the future because it would be so amazing!)

I also imagine a lot of these vacations in the future could be taken with the help of amazing credit cards like the Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase.

It lets travelers earn accelerated Marriott Rewards points on all purchases to help you get the most out of your travel. I’m sure in the future we’ll all want to earn our rewards at a rapid pace and this rewards card will do just that.

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How do you envision the vacations of the future?

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