We LOVE Ms. Marvel On Disney Plus!

Our Spoiler free review of Marvel Studios Ms. Marvel On Disney Plus!

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Hey All!

I can without a doubt say that the new MCU show Ms. Marvel is the most delightful show yet to be released on Disney Plus. In the same way that Spider-Man Homecoming brought the charm of youth and teen problems set in the Marvel Universe, Ms. Marvel does the same and adds something more. If you have seen the trailer for Ms. Marvel, you know that the visual style throws in lots of colorful and playful animation. That is not just for the trailer. That visual palette continues through at the very least the first two episodes. And that is just the beginning of all the wonderfulness that is Ms. Marvel.

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Starring as Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan is newcomer Iman Vellani, a 19 year-old young actress with no prior credits but lots of charm and likability which is needed for a teen superhero. Her best friend, fellow student Bruno Carrelli, is played by Matt Lintz (The Walking DeadThe Alienist). Kamala’s mother and father are played by Zenobia Shroff (The Big Sick) and Mohan Kapur (Hostages) respectively. Alysia Reiner (Orange is the New Black) is a special agent working with a department that investigates super powered incidents.

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As in the comics, Kamala maintains her fervent fandom for all things Avengers, especially Captain Marvel, but within the show Kamala is also an artist. The show uses the artist angle and incorporates it into the visual palette of the show. One of my favorite scenes in the first episode has Kamala and Bruno riding their bikes through the streets of Jersey City and, as they are conversing, the various subjects of their conversation are illustrated on the graffitied walls of the buildings. As well as in the comics, the show also delves into Kamala’s family and their Pakistani culture.

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The most interesting thing about the Disney Plus shows is how they seem to be differing so much from each other. Ms. Marvel stands apart from the previous Disney Plus shows in that the character was not previously established in a film (the first shows were WandaVisionFalcon and Winter SoldierLoki, and Hawkeye) but still references a lot of previous Marvel stuff (Moon Knight seemed very disconnected from the Marvel Universe).

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Falcon and Winter Soldier was the action/adventure, WandaVision was a subversive mystery, Moon Knight was a psychological thriller, and now Ms. Marvel is a coming of age teen show with a kind of Disney channel vibe akin to Lizzie McGuire. Marvel is literally making something for everyone with these shows, but throwing in their MCU flavor. This show is not only accessible for young children, but likely ideal for them. I cannot think of a single inappropriate aspect of this show and recommend it for family viewing.