We’re Loving The New Moonshine BBQ Menu & Happy Hour at Outback Steakhouse!


Hey All!

Last Wednesday my new husband and I got the opportunity to check out our local Outback Steakhouse in Burbank, CA during Happy Hour. It was one of our first nights out as Man and Wife and we were there not only for Happy Hour, but we were there to try the new Moonshine BBQ Menu. We were excited for this night out together as we have been sick at home from the colds we got shortly after our wedding. We love going to Outback Steakhouse since we love a good steak.


We started with the Happy Hour menu since it’s pretty awesome. Most of the items on the menu are only $4! The appetizers are half plates, but it’s still enough to fill up at least two people per plate.


Take a look at some of these amazing apetizers below.  We started with the Coconut Shrip (Well my husband did since I can’t eat shell fish) and then worked our way through the Aussie Cheese Fries.


We also tried their amazing new limited time Moonshine Cocktails. The Huckleberry Hooch, Just Peachee (My Husbands Favorite) and Watermelon Hunch Punch (my favorite). It comes with a slice of fresh watermelon for garnish and there is fresh watermelon blended into the Watermelon Hunch Punch. It’s my new favorite summer cocktail. You can hardly taste the moonshine in them. We ended up trying all three! We couldn’t get enough of these drinks. We will be coming back for these drinks alone.


We then combed the menu for what to order and Outback was kind enough to have some items already picked out for us.


We tried the Moonshine BBQ Combo Platter. It was awesome!


Outback Steakhouse® is introducing a limited time only Moonshine BBQ menu, made with real moonshine. YES REAL MOONSHINE!

New menu items to hit the sauce include:

  • Sirloin with Moonshine BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
  • Moonshine BBQ Ribs
  • Moonshine BBQ Wood-Fire Grilled Wings
  • Moonshine BBQ Chopped Salad

And what better way to finish off a Moonshine BBQ meal than with their new Skillet Apple Pie. You can learn the secret to why their Moonshine BBQ sauce is so dang good by visiting Outback.com/Shine.  Keep in mind that menus vary depending on the location of the Outback Steakhouse. Hopefully yours will have this amazing menu for you to try.

I also tried their new Parmesan-Herb crusted chicken that served with fresh seasonal mixed veggies. It was delicious and one of the many healthier options on the menu!!


We finished the meal off with their amazing Chocolate Thunder From Down Under! It was to die for!

I mean doesn’t it look amazing from the picture alone. The brownie was actually a gluten free pecan brownie topped with rich vanilla ice cream, drizzled with warm chocolate sauce and finished with chocolate shavings and whipped cream. It’s beyond amazing.


The quality of my iPhone pictures do not do this dessert and this meal justice. It’s all much better looking in person. It’s very dim in the restaurant so I could not really get great shots. It was all amazing and one of the best dinners we’ve ever had at a restaurant. The service and food at our Burbank Outback was perfection. We cleaned our plates if this aftermath picture says anything.


Check out the new menu and learn more about the New Moonshine menu by visiting Outback.com/Shine.

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All Meals and services were provided complimentary by Outback to try their Menu. All Opinions are that of my own.