Hey All!

I just wanted to let you know you can now comment on my Blog. My transfer is still not done because intense debate who hosted my comments on blogger has yet to contact me or my blog designer who is transferring my blog with the file we need to install all my comments that were left on my blogger blog onto this blog, but we are going to go ahead and let you guys comments anyway as she says she has a way to save all your comments with a wordpress plugin. I have some time sensitive giveaways that need to be completed so we have no choice but to proceed until they respond.

So what I will do is log into my intense debate account to see all your previous comments and add them up with the giveaway comments here and then add them up and pick at random from all the entries to pick winners.

Hope you are liking my new blog on wordpress and thanks so much for following and sticking with me and my blog! Love you all!


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